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The Gilgamesh Epic
Rivkah Kluger



Foreword 9


   1. Myths are "Soul-Matter"
   2. Myths and the Growth of Human Consciousness

I The Wall of Uruk
   1. Gilgamesh, Two-Thirds God
   2. A Dark Origin
   3. His Tyrannical Drivenness
   4. The Creation of Enkidu
   5. The Hierodule: Prostitute or Priestess?
   6. Kalili of the Windows
   7. The Seduction of Enkidu
   8. The Broken Participation Mystique
   9. The Education of Enkidu; Being Meant
   10. The Hierodule as Higher Eros

II The Puzzling Dreams of Gilgamesh
   1. On Ancient Terms and Ancient Dreams
   2. Two Parallel Dreams
   3. Stars and the Host of Heaven
   4. The Helpful People
   5. Homosexuality, Ancient and Current
   6. The Axe
   7. Enkidu's Transition to Civilization

III The Fateful Meeting
   1. The Fight at the Gate
   2. Rites d'entrée
   3. A Mother's Prayer

IV In the Cedar Forest
   1. Ill-omen at the Gate
   2. The Toppled Mountain
   3. A Frightful Dream
   4. Felling the Cedar, and the Fight with Humbaba

V Gilgamesh and Ishtar
   1. Ishtar's Proposal
   2. Gilgamesh's Rebuff
   3. On Individuation Goals
   4. Mother-World, Mother-Complex
   5. The Many-Faceted Ishtar
   6. Ishtar's Rage
   7. Facing the Bull of Heaven
   8. Homecoming of the Heroes
   9. The Problem of Death

VI The Impact of Death
   1. Enkidu's Illness
   2. The Land of the Dead
   3. The Mourning of Gilgamesh

VII The "Night Sea Journey"
   1. The Scorpion People at the Gate of the Mountain
   2. Dense is the Darkness
   3. The Garden of Jewels
   4. Siduri the Barmaid
   5. Crossing the Waters of Death
   6. Utnapishtim the Distant

VIII The Secret of the Gods
   1. The Divine Plot Betrayed
   2. The Flood
   3. The Post-Deluge Reaction of the Gods
   4. The Secret of the Gods
   5. Seven Loaves - the Failed Test
   6. Loss of the Plant of Rejuvenation
   7. Return to Uruk
   8. The Meaning of the Epic

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