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Copenhagen 2013 - 100 Years On: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Copenhagen 2013 - 100 Years On: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Aanavi, Michael
Abt / Hornung
Abt / Madelung / Hofmeier
Abt, Theodor
Abt-Baechi, Regina
Aizenstat / Boznak
Aizenstat, Stephen
Ammann, Ruth
Appelbaum, David/Kulin, Joseph
Ashton, Paul & Bloch, Stephen
Asper, Kathrin
Bach, Susan
Bachelard, Gaston / Gaudin, Colette
Bair, Deirdre
Barz, Ellynor
Baynes Jansen, Diana
Becker, Christina
Beebe, John
Begg, Deike
Begg, Ean
Bendayan, Gertrudis Ostfeld de
Bennet, E.A.
Berry, Patricia
Bishop, Paul
Bishop, Peter
Bleek & Lloyd
Boas, George
Boer, Charles
Boswell Moore, Phyllis
Brockway, Robert
Brown, Schuyler
Burns, Kate
Byington, Carlos Amadeu Bothelho
Cameron, Julia/Wheater, Tom
Campbell, Joseph
Casey, Edward S.
Caspari, Elizabeth
Castleman, Tess
Cater, Nancy
Chalquist, Craig
Cheetham, Tom
Chinen, Allan B.
Clendenen, Avis
Cobb, Edith
Collins, Alfred
Conforti, Michael
Coppin, Joseph/Nelson, Elizabeth
Corbett, Lionel
Cowan, Lyn
Czuczka, George
Daniel, Renate
Dass, Ram
Denes, Agnes
Dieckmann, Hans
Dodson, Laura/Gibson, Terril
Donnchadha, Ramonn
Dooling, D.M.
Downing, Christine
Drob, Sanford L.
Dyer, Donald
Ed. Ashton, Paul W.
Edelman, Sandra
Edinger, Edward F. & Dianne D. Cordic & Charles Yates
Engelsman, Joan Chamberlain
Eranos Lectures
Eranos Yearbooks
Escamilla, Michael
Estés, Clarissa Pinkola
Evans, Ron
Evetts-Secker, Josephine
Ficino, Marsilio
Fierz, Heinrich-Karl
Fischli, Hans
Foster, Elizabeth Vincent
Fraim, John
Frey-Rohn, Liliane
Gallbach, Marion
Gambini, Roberto
Ganahl, Rainer
Gaudissart, Imelda
Gendlin, Eugene T.
Giegerich, Wolfgang
Goldstein, Ralph
Grof, Christina
Guggenbühl, Allan
Guggenbühl-Craig Adolf/Hillman James
Guggenbühl-Craig, Adolf
Gustafson, Fred
Haft, Yael
Hall, Nor
Hall, Nor / Dawson, Warren R.
Hanh, Thich Nhat
Hannah, Barbara
Hannah, Barbara/von Franz, Marie-Louise
Harris, Bud
Hell, Daniel
Henderson, Joseph L.
Henderson, Robert and Janis
Herzog, Edgar
Hill, John
Hillman, James
Hillman, James/Kerényi, Karl
Hillman, James/Pozzo, Laura
Hillman, James/Sells, Ben
Hogenson, George B.
Hubback, Judith
Hultkranz, Ake
Hurwitz, Siegmund
Jacoby, Mario
Jacoby, Mario / Bischof, Irene
Jaffé, Aniela
Johns, Geoff
Jung, C.G.
Jungian Odyssey Series
Kast, Verena
Kawai, Hayao
Kearney, Michael
Kennedy Emmanuel
Kerényi, Karl
Kirsch, James
Kittelson, Mary Lynn
Klein, Yves
Kluger, Rivkah
Kluger, Yehezkel
Knapp, Bettina
Kugler, Paul
Landau, Arlene Diane
Langley-Dános, Eva
Levenson, Carl
Lewis, Penny
Lindley, Daniel A.
Livernois, Jay
Lockhart, Russell A.
Loomis, Mary E.
López-Pedraza, Rafael
Luke, Helen M.
Lusseyran, Jacques
Maidenbaum, Aryeh/Martin, Stephen
Mallasz, Gitta
Mathes, Charlotte
Maxwell, William
McConeghey, Howard
McGlashan, Alan
McNamee, Gregory
McNeely, Del
Meador, Betty De Shong
Meier, C.A.
Meyer, Ruth
Miller, David L.
Mogenson, Greg
Monick, Eugene
Moon, Beverly,
Moore, Robert L.
Moore, Thomas
Moses, Johnny
Murdock, Maureen
Nelson, Elizabeth Eowyn
Neumann, Erich
Newton, Lara
Nicolescu, Basarab
Nuñez, Luis Manuel
Oakes, Maud
Olivier, Richard
Olsen, Susan
Ortiz Hill, Michael
Ortiz Hill, Michael /Kandemwa, Augustine
Ottmann, Klaus
O’Donoghue, Art
Paris, Ginette
Pattis Zoja, Eva
Perlman, Michael
Perry, John Weir
Polikoff, Daniel
Psychological Perspectives
Pyle, Howard
Rabinowitz, Jacob
Redfearn, Joseph
Reid, Jane
Reis, Patricia
Reis, Patricia/Snow, Susan
Restany, Pierre
Reutter, Angelika
Rilke, Rainer-Maria
Robertson, Seonaid
Rockwood Hudson, Joyce
Rodman, Selden/Cleaver, Carole
Romanyshyn, Robert D.
Ronca, Erna
Rosa, Armando Nascimento
Ross, Lena B./Roy, Manisha
Rothenberg, Rose-Emily
Rowland, Susan
Rutter, Virginia Beane
Rutter, Virginia Beane & Singer, Thomas
Sanford, John A.
Schenk, Ronald
Schierse Leonard, Linda
Schoen, David E.
Schoenl, William
Scholem, Gershom
Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
Sells, Benjamin
Senensky, Sylvia
Serrano, Miguel
Seward, Barbara
Shamdasani, Sonu
Shorter, Bani
Shulman, Helene
Singer, Thomas
Skogemann, Pia
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Corbett, Lionel Ed
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Slater, Glen
Snider, Clifton
Solie, Pierre
Spengler, Ernst
Spoto, Angelo
Spring Journal
Stanford, W.B.
Stanton, Marlan
Stein, Murray
Stein, Murray/Corbett, Lionel
Stein, Murray/Hollwitz, John
Stein, Robert
Stern, Arno
Sullivan, Barbara Stevens
Sullivan, Lawrence E.
Swan, Wendy
Tacey, David
Tarnas, Richard
TePaske, Bradley A.
Thoreau, Henry David
Tiberghien, Susan
Tkacz, Virlana
Todd, Peter B.
Ulanov, Ann & Barry
Ulanov, Ann Belford
van der Post, Laurens
van Waveren, Erlo
Ventura, Michael
Vogt, Gregory Max
von Franz / Frey-Rohn / Jaffé
von Franz, Marie-Louise
Watkins, Mary
Watts, Alan
Wertenschlag-Birkhäuser, Eva
Westman, Heinz / Tillich, Paul
Wilmer, Harry
Wolff, Toni
Woolger, Roger
Zarrow, Sheila Dickman
Zoja / Williams
Zoja, Luigi
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   Scholem, Gershom

Gershom Scholem

Alchemy and Kabbalah

128 pages, ISBN 0-88214-566-5 / 978-0-88214-566-2, Spring Publications

A classic text on alchemy by the leading scholar of Jewish mysticism, Gershom Scholem, is presented here for the first time in English translation. Scholem looks critically at the centruy-old connections between alchemy, the Jewish Kabbalah; its Christianized varieties, such as the gold- and Rosicrucian mysticisms, and the mythbased psychology of C.G. Jung. ...

   von Franz, Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise von Franz

Bollingen 1982

1 DVD or VHS PAL or NTSC, ISBN 3-908116-95-3 / 978-3-908116-95-0, Daimon

At the request of the Foundation for Jungian Psychology, Françoise Selhofer made a beautiful and impressive film about Marie-Louise von Franz in the autumn of 1982 in Bollingen. In the film, Marie-Louise von Franz gives us insight into her life, into her encounter with C.G. Jung and the work they later did together, as well as into her understanding of Jungian Psychology. Sh ...

   Bleek & Lloyd

Bleek & Lloyd

Specimens of Bushman Folklore

560 pages, ISBN 3-85630-603-X / 978-3-85630-603-8, Daimon

This new edition of the long-out-of print classic collection of Bushman tales provides a fascinating look into the life of these little-known people. As Megan Biesele writes in her Foreword: "The fact that a family of trained linguists and their associates sat down between 1870 and 1884 with a group of /Xam people who had been temporarily sprung free of imprisonment in Cape T ...

   Rowland, Susan

Susan Rowland

C.G. Jung in the Humanities

Taking the Soul's Path

190 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-02-9, Spring Journal

C. G. Jung in the Humanities offers for the first time a comprehensive analysis of the significance of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung's work to the humanities. By penetrating the secrets of the creative psyche and exploring how the individual fits into the social and psychological collective, Jung s work offers valuable contributions to cultural theory, literat ...

   Abt / Madelung / Hofmeier

Th. Abt / E. Hornung / D. Warburton

Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum Vol. I

Book of the Explanation of the Symbols Kitab Hall ar-Rumuz by Muhammad Ibn Umail

200 pages, ISBN 3-9522608-1-9 / 978-3-9522608-1-4, LivingHumanHeritage

The Corpus Arabicum Alchymicum (CALA) will be editing and publishing a collection of key manuscripts on symbolic Arabic alchemy. The Arabic text is always accompanied by a parallel English translation. In order to improve the understanding of the s ...

   Abt, Theodor

Th. Abt / E. Hornung / D. Warburton

CALA II.1 Facsimile of the Book of Pictures

Mushaf as-suwar by Zosimos of Panopolis

480 pages, ISBN 3-9522608-5-2, LivingHumanHeritage

This Arabic facsimile consists of an almost complete rendering of the manuscript of the Mushaf as-suwar, one of the oldest available manuscripts of perhaps the first Greek alchemist. It includes a collection of 13 books written by Zosimos of Panopolis as a dialogue between the teacher Zosimos and his s ...

   Abt, Theodor

CALA II.2 The Book of Pictures – Mushaf as-suwar by Zosimos of Panopolis

Edited and introduced by Theodor Abt
English translation by Salwa Fuad and Theodor Abt

747 pages, with bibliography and index, 72 illustrations, ISBN 978-3-9522608-7-6, LivingHumanHeritage

The translation presented here of the Mushaf as-suwar (The Book of Pictures) into English is its first translation into a European language. It is the result of careful, repeated, distillation work over a period of twe ...

   Dyer, Donald

Donald Dyer

Cross Currents

490 pages, ISBN 0-87773-904-8 / 978-0-87773-904-3, Shambhala

This comprehensive bibliography provides complete facts of publication and annotations for nearly eight hundred books in English on Jungian subjects, including Jung’s own writings. ...

   Jung, C.G.

C.G. Jung

Das Rote Buch - Liber Novus

Hrsg. von Sonu Shamdasani

ISBN 978-3-491-42132-5, 404 pages, Deutsch, 40.6 x 31cm, zahlreiche farbige Abbildungen, Patmos

Als geheimnisvolles »Rotes Buch« ging es in die Literatur über C. G. Jung ein. Niemand bekam es zu Gesicht, da sein Urheber selbst verfügt hatte, es nicht zu veröffentlichen. Diesem Wunsch wurde entsprochen. Doch fast fünfzig Jahre nach dem Tod Jungs ist die Zeit gekommen, um dieses eindrucksvolle Werk der Öff ...

   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich

Dreaming the Myth Onwards: C.G. Jung on Christianity and on Hegel - Part 2 of The Flight into the Unconscious

Collected English Papers, Volume VI

486 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-61-6, Spring

Psychology, in the view of C.G. Jung, is an inescapably subjective enterprise, its concepts and theories, practices and traditions being themselves an expression of the psyche they were developed to explain. Recognizing this, the discipline must be a critical on ...

   Rilke, Rainer-Maria

Rainer-Maria Rilke

Duino Elegies

128 pages, 2nd edition, hardbound, ISBN 978-3-85630-747-9, Daimon

The Duino Elegies are one of the twentieth century’s great works of art. In the space of ten elegies, presented here in a bilingual edition, an impassioned monologue struggles to find an individual answer to what it means to be human in a world torn by modern consciousness.
In his introduction, David Oswald writes, “Rilke’s poetry shows an unusual sensitivity to inner experie ...

   Abt, Theodor

Theodor Abt

Dunkle Wolken über Europa

Unbewusste Hintergründe einer totalitären Gefahr

211 Seiten, gebunden, mit Index und 25 zum Teil farbigen Abbildungen, ISBN 978-3-9523880-4-4, LivingHumanHeritage

Träume vermitteln Einsichten über uns selber. Sie bringen für die träumende Person wichtige Dinge zur Sprache, die Einseitigkeiten der Bewusstseinsebene ausbalancieren oder ergänzen. Träume können aber auch objektive Einsichten vermitteln und uns in symbolischer Fo ...

   Eranos Yearbooks

Eranos Yearbooks

Eranos Jahrbuch 1968, Band 37

Tradition und Gegenwart

557 Seiten, ISBN 3-85630-675-7 / 978-3-85630-675-5, Eranos Yearbooks

Gershom Scholem Die Krise der Tradition im jüdischen Messianismus

Gerald Holton The Roots of Complementarity

Pierre Hadot L’Apport du Néoplatonisme à la Philosophie de la Nature en Occident

Paul Citroën Wir Maler heute und die Kunsttradition

Paul Mus Traditions asiennes et Bouddhisme modern ...

   Eranos Lectures

Eranos Lectures

Eranos Lecture 8

On Paranoia

56 pages, ISBN 0-88214-408-1 / 978-0-88214-408-5, Eranos Lectures

What’s the difference between religious revelation and pathological delusion? Hillman carefully studies three cases - Anton Boisen, minister and educator; John Perceval, "mad" Englishman; and Daniel Paul Schreber - finding interwoven sexual and religious images. ...

   Eranos Yearbooks

Eranos Yearbook 70


Edited by Fabio Merlini, Lawrence E. Sullivan, Riccardo Bernardini and Kate Olson

824 pages, color illustrations, ISBN 978-3-85630-750-9, Eranos Yearbooks

“Our Eranos Dialogues traced the fragile threads of love through the roiling conditions of contemporary global society.”
-- Lawrence E. Sullivan, Editor

“Love is the heartbeat of the whole universe. Everything participates in it according to ...

   Eranos Yearbooks

Eranos Yearbook 71


Edited by Fabio Merlini and Riccardo Bernardini

416 pages, color illustrations, ISBN 978-3-85630-754-7, Eranos Yearbooks

The 71st volume of the Eranos Yearbooks, Beyond Masters – Spaces Without Thresholds, presents the work of the activities at the Eranos Foundation in 2012. The book gathers the lectures organized on the theme of the 2012 Eranos Conference, “On the Threshold – Disorientation and New Forms of Space” together with the talks given ...

   Kawai, Hayao

Haruki Murakami Goes to Meet Hayao Kawai

160 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-3-85630-764-6, Daimon

Two of Japan’s foremost contemporary cultural spokespersons met for an informal conversation with remarkable results. While their extended talk took place at a particular location at a particular moment in history, much of the content is timeless and universal. After popular acclaim in Japan, the transcript now makes its first appearance in English.

Topics from the Contents:

   Baynes Jansen, Diana

Diana Baynes Jansen

Jung’s Apprentice

A Biography of Helton Godwin Baynes

348 pages, hardbound, with 60 photos, ISBN 3-85630-626-9 / 978-3-85630-626-7, hardcover Daimon

Dr Helton Godwin Baynes was C.G. Jung’s medical assistant in Zurich, becoming the eminent psychiatrist’s close friend and confidante. Baynes introduced Jungian psychology to Britain and led the English Jungian community for twenty years. He started the Jungian Analytical Psychology Club in London (APC) and laid ...

   Fierz, Heinrich-Karl

Heinrich-Karl Fierz

Jungian Psychiatry

420 pages, numerous illustrations, ISBN 3-85630-521-1 / 978-3-85630-521-5, Daimon

C.G. Jung spent the first ten years of his career working in a psychiatric clinic, an experience which had a powerful influence on his lifelong endeavors. Now the psychiatric-analytic observations of a highly respected Jungian, the Swiss Heinrich Fierz, who devoted his life to psychiatry, are available in English at last. Jungian Psychiatry is rich with the ...

   Rosa, Armando Nascimento

Armando Nascimento Rosa

Mary of Magdala

A Gnostic Fable

136 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-52-9, Chiron

Mary of Magdala is inspired by a dissident Christian legend that had its origins in Provence. The drama takes place one night in the year 54 A.D., in Marseille, when Mary's voice is being isolated in a Church where the doctrine of Paul of Tarsus increasingly helps blot out the important role played by female preachers during the first two centuries of the Christian era. ...

   Klein, Yves

Yves Klein

Overcoming the Problems of Art

The Writings of Yves Klein

300 pages, ills., ISBN 0-88214-568-1 / 978-0-88214-568-6, Spring Publications

The first complete collection of the writings of the visionary French conceptual artist Yves Klein to be published in English tranlation - an artist with a keen philosophical mind. yet deeply spiritual. In his art and in his writings he constructed a vision of the future art that would purify the soul from the ashes of his painting. ...



Parabola 2:2


, ISBN Pb 2:2 / 978Pb 2:2, Parabola

"The Trees Stood Deep Rooted" by Sam D. Gill - How, through the performance of traditional ritual, the Navajo participate in and sustain the original creation in "patterns of perfect beauty."

"The Legacy of the Ancestors" by P. L. Travers - The Dreamtime: an invitation into the aboriginal world of the objective Now.

"Psalm 19" from Blues of the Sky by David Rosenberg - A selec ...



Parabola 2:4


, ISBN Pb 2:4 / 978Pb 2:4, Parabola

"Of Majesties and Majesty" by Frederick Franck - In the seventh century, the Empress of China begged a Buddhist master for a demonstration that would clarify the mystery of the "All in All" and the "One in All." An appreciation of his brilliant solution.

"Strangers at the Gate" by Robert E. Meagher - An exploration of the ancient rites of hospitality and how they reveal our common humani ...



Parabola 7:1


, ISBN Pb 7:1 / 978Pb 7:1, Parabola

"Why Sleepest Thou, O Lord?" by Henri Tracol - States of being and stages of awakening

"Mythologies of Sleep and Forgetting" by Mircea Eliade - The mortal "sleep" of the fallen soul

"Life’s a Dream" - An excerpt from Kathleen Raine’s translation of Calderón’s play

"Sleep and the Inner Landscape" - An interview with Dr. Yeshi Dhonden by William and Marielle ...



Parabola 7:3


, ISBN Pb 7:3 / 978Pb 7:3, Parabola

"Becoming Part of It" by Joseph Epes Brown - Native American sacred values as models for our own

"Nobility and Style" by Robertson Davies - Ceremonies as archetypes of order and degree

"Ceremony for a Dying Planet" by Doris Lessing - From The Making of the Representative for Planet 8

"Tennessee Heritage" by Francelia Butler - A firsthand account of th ...



Parabola 8:3

Words of Power

, ISBN Pb 8:3 / 978Pb 8:3, Parabola

"An American Primer" by Walt Whitman - In praise of the English tongue

"Tongues of Fire" by L. Charbonneau-Lassay - Mortal speech and the eternal Word

"What Aileth Thee?" by P. L. Travers - Heeding the call

"The Words of the All-Merciful" by William Chittick - Images of the Koranic revelation

"Prayers at the Broken Gate" - A poem by Lawrence ...



Parabola 14:3

The Tree of Life

, ISBN Pb 14:3 / 978Pb 14:3, Parabola

"Wheels within Wheels" by Basarab Nicolescu - How modern science echoes the mystic vision of Jacob Boehme

"The Riddle of the Tree in Man" by David Appelbaum - Exploring a living symbol of exchange

"The Celestial Root" by P. L. Travers - Thade’s celebration involving an upside-down tree

"The Green Man" by William Anderson - Tracing a vegetation image in ...



Parabola 15:1

Time and Presence

, ISBN Pb 15:1 / 978Pb 15:1, Parabola

"The Experience of Change" - An Interview with H. H. the Dalai Lama

"Living Time" by Maurice Nicoll - Emancipating ourselves from the ordinary

"Timing the Moment" by David Appelbaum - Krishna’s lesson to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita

"Observing Sacred Time" by Mircea Eliade - Contrasting mythic cycles with the tempos of everyday life

"S ...



Parabola 16:4

The Golden Mean

, ISBN Pb 16:4 / 978Pb 16:4, Parabola

"Restoring the Imago Dei" by Philip Zaleski - A search for the Golden Mean within

"The Measure of Difference" by Robert Lawlor - Ratio, proportion, and analogy in mathematics and life

"The Dance of Libra" by Rob Baker - An ancient symbol of the active state of balance

"The Golden Proportion" - A conversation between Richard Temple and Keith Critc ...



Parabola 17:1

Solitude and Community

, ISBN Pb 17:1 / 978Pb 17:1, Parabola

"The Inner Family" by D. M. Dooling - The lifelong study of essential relationships

"Reunion with the Source" by Mary Ann Troedsson - A death in the family

"Surrounded by Water, Dying of Thirst" by Lambros Kamperidis - Withdrawing from the world as preparation for re-entering the world

"The Soul of the Community" by Eliezer Shore - "Before we can ...



Parabola 17:4

Power and Energy

, ISBN Pb 17:4 / 978Pb 17:4, Parabola

"Living with Sacred Power" by Alan L. Miller - How we fear and long for God

"Quest for the Summit" by Ron Matous - The energy of the mountain climber

"Food for Transformation" by P. D. Ouspensky - G. I. Gurdjieff’s description of the inner sources for spiritual growth

"The Sleeping Dragon and the Waters" by Stuart Smithers - Chaos in Vedic mythology



Parabola 19:1

The Call

, ISBN Pb 19:1 / 978Pb 19:1, Parabola

"Invitation to the Soul" by David A. Cooper - Sounds that awaken us

"The One in the Many" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Religion, globality, and universality

"Resistance to the Call" by Juilene Osborne-McKnight - The story of St. Patrick

"Following the Straight Path" by Richard Katz - Transmission of Fijian healing practices

"Call of the Wild" by Jack London - Following ...



Parabola 28:3

Chaos and Order

T , ISBN Pb 28:3 / 978Pb 28:3, Parabola

  • "Doorways to Other Worlds" by Mary Pat Mann - What do fractals and Faery have in common?
  • "A Hymn" by Thomas Moore - Honoring the positive attributes of disorder
  • "Monsters, Children of Chaos" by David Appelbaum - What lurks in the dark deep...
  • POINT OF VIEW: "The Last Lecture" by Philip Zaleski
   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich


Collected English Papers, Vol. III

425 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-44-4

"All steps forward in the improvement of the human psyche have been paid for by blood." Further to this statement from C.G. Jung, Giegerich shows that the soul is not merely the innocent recipient or victim of violence; it also produces itself through violent deeds and expresses itself through violent acts. Beginning in primordial times with the ritual spilling of b ...

   Hannah, Barbara

Barbara Hannah

Striving Toward Wholeness

328 pages, ISBN 978-1-888602-13-5

Barbara Hannah studies the psychic processes that move people to strive for wholeness of personality, an integration of all innate capacities. Since this inner drama manifests itself with special intensity in the lives of creative individuals, she has taken up the biographies and literary productions of five major English novelists-Robert Louis Stevenson, Mary Webb, and Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte- ...

   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich

Technology and the Soul - From the Nuclear Bomb to the Worldwide Web

Collected English Papers, Vol. II

375 pages, ISBN 1-882670-43-4 / 978-1-882670-43-7, Spring Publications

The internet, television, and the nuclear bomb have completely transformed man's relation to the world. Though regarded by many as soul-less, these technological realities are the real gods and archetypes of the soul today. This work presents a depth psychological approach to con ...

   Abt / Hornung

Th. Abt / E. Hornung

The Egyptian Amduat – The Book of the Hidden Chamber

Translated by David Warburton

444 pages, hardbound, Bibliography, Index and Glossary, ISBN 3-9522608-4-3 / 978-3-9522608-4-5, LivingHumanHeritage

Egyptian hieroglyphs, hieratic transcription and English.

200 color images of the Amduat found in the tomb of Thutmosis III in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor/Thebes.

In the Amduat, the night-journey of the Egyptian Sungod is divided into twelve hours, e ...

   Abt / Hornung

The Egyptian Book of Gates

Translated into English by Erik Hornung in collaboration with Theodor Abt

475 pages, richly illustrated, ISBN 978-3-9523880-5-1 LivingHumanHeritage

The Egyptian Book of Gates is the second large Pharaonic Book of the Afterlife after The Egyptian Amduat.

The revised English translation is based on the German edition, edited by Erik Hornung.
The hieroglyphs and transcriptions are given on the basis of a collation of the extant ...

   Ammann, Ruth

Ruth Ammann

The Enchantment of Gardens

A Psychological Approach

English translation by Mark Kyburz and John Peck

168 pages, ISBN 3-85630-724-9 / 978-3-85630-724-0, Daimon

A garden is a very special place with many faces, and it can lead us to previously unknown worlds. Anyone involved with gardens knows how they can touch our souls in countless ways. Garden and soul comprise a kind of secret ’in-between-world,’ a space between the light and the dark, culture and n ...

   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich

The Flight Into The Unconscious: An Analysis of C.G. Jung's Psychology Project

Collected English Papers, Volume V

464 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-43-2, Spring

Psychological analysis usually sets its sights upon the patient or upon cultural phenomena such as myths, literature, or works of art. The essays in this volume, by contrast, have another addressee, another subject matter-psychology itself. Deeply informed by Jung's insight regarding the discipl ...

   Kennedy Emmanuel

Kennedy Emmanuel Ed.

The Fountain of the Love of Wisdom

An Homage to Marie-Louise von Franz

570 pages, ISBN 1-888602-38-4 / 978-1-888602-38-8, Chiron

A Festschrift comprised of 55 essays, poems and reminiscences in memory of Jungian analyst and author Marie-Louise von Franz, with additional material documenting her life and work, including a biographical sketch and chronology, eulogies and death announcements, personal impressions, reviews and lists of her published work in En ...

   McNamee, Gregory

Greg McNamee

The Girl Who Made Stars and Other Bushman Stories

150 pages, ISBN 3-85630-599-8 / 978-3-85630-599-4, Daimon

These beautiful and timeless stories from the African Bush were gathered more than a century ago and have touched thousands of readers ever since. The South African-born author, Sir Laurens van der Post, revered them and helped to make them known throughout the world. For this special new edition, Gregory McNamee has adapted the original nineteenth-century ...

   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich

The Neurosis of Psychology - Primary Papers Towards a Critical Psychology

Collected English Papers, Volume I

284 pages, ISBN 1-882670-42-6 / 978-1-882670-42-0, Spring Publications

With its publication of The Collected English Papers of Wolfgang Giegerich, Spring Journal Books makes available to the psychological reader the work of one of archetypal psychology's most brilliant theorists. A practicing Jungian analyst and a long-time contributor to th ...

   Jung, C.G.

C.G. Jung

The Red Book - Liber Novus

Edited and introduced by Sonu Shamdasani, Translated by Mark Kyburz, John Peck and Sonu Shamdasani

ISBN 978-0-393-06567-1, 416 pages, English, 300x380 mm, 212 color illustrations, W.W. Norton

The most influential unpublished work in the history of psychology. When Carl Jung embarked on an extended self-exploration he called his “confrontation with the unconscious,” the heart of it was The Red Book, a large, illuminated volume he ...

   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich

The Soul Always Thinks

Collected English Papers, Volume IV

620 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-45-1, Spring

The furthering of psychology depends upon the critical efforts of its most seminal contributors. It requires thinkers for whom the notion of soul has served both as vital inspiration and binding commitment. With its publication of the Collected English Papers of Wolfgang Giegerich, Spring Journal Books makes available to the psychological reader the ...

   Hanh, Thich Nhat

Thich Nhat Hanh

Touching the Earth

The 5 Prostrations & Deep Relaxation Meditations

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-278-0 / 978-1-56455-278-5, Sounds True

Contents: The Five Prostrations, plus a Sixth Prostration for those born into another spiritual tradition; releasing the sense of separation; songs in English and Vietnamese; and much more. ...

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Healing Dream and Ritual -   Ancient Incubation and Modern Psychotherapy
Healing Dream and Ritual is one of the most significant and lasting witnesses of how far beyond immediate psychology the implications of Jung’s work stretches. This book is, in my feeling, as important for today’s healers as was the early work of Paracelsus t ..
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