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Jungian Psychiatry
Heinrich-Karl Fierz



Foreword by C.T. Frey-Wehrlin

Preface by Dr. Joseph Wheelwright

I Principles for the Practical Application of Analytical Psychology

II The Father Archetype as a Curse and as a Blessing

III The Mother Archetype as the Subject of Theoretical Discussion

IV The Importance of the Family for the Psychic Health of the Individual

V Rapport in Clinical Psychiatric Therapy

VI Psychological-Psychiatric Findings and Therapy

VII The Assimilation of the Incompatible Complex in Acute Psychosis

VIII Meaning in Madness

IX The Attitude of the Doctor in Psychotherapy

X Medical and Psychiatric Diagnosis

XI The Clinical Implications of Extraversion and Introversion

XII Fear, Truth and Confidence: Living with Cancer

XIII Medicine and Spiritual Welfare

XIV Psychological-Psychiatric Diagnosis: Dreams, Resistance and Wholeness

XV Diagnosis of the Individuation Process in Analysis: The Lambspring Figures

XVI Psychological-Psychiatric Therapy: The Psychotherapeutic Clinic

XVII Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Depression

XVIII Possession by the Mother Archetype

XIX Psychotherapy and the Shadow

XX The Use of Sculpture in the Treatment of Psychoses

XXI Analytical Psychology and Society: The Lost Symbol, or An Inquiry into the Nature of Mass Psychosis

XXII Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Analysis Today


Index of Names

Subject Index


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