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Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales in Japan
Hayao Kawai




I. Interpenetration: Dreams in Medieval Japan

  1. Dreams
  2. Life and Death
  3. Which is the Real Reality?
  4. I and the Other
  5. The Concept of Nature
  6. Ego, Self, and Nature
  7. The Conscious, the Unconscious, and a Horse
  8. A Constitution Based on Jinen
  9. YŘan-ch'i in the Hua-yen School
  10. Turning Point

II. Bodies in the Dream Diary of My˘e

  1. My˘e
  2. The First Dream
  3. Discarding the Body
  4. The Mother of Buddhas
  5. Cutting off the Ear and the Appearance of Ma˝jusri Boddhisattva
  6. Ascending
  7. Longing for the Buddha
  8. Matter and Psyche
  9. The Dream of Zenmy˘
  10. The Picture Stories of the Founders of Hua-Yen
  11. Coagulation of the Body and of the Mind

III. Japanese Mythology: Balancing the Gods

  1. The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu
  2. The Counterpart of the Sun Goddess, Susano-Wo
  3. The Retirement of the Sun Goddess
  4. The Moon God as the Hollow Center
  5. The First and Third Triads
  6. The Repetition of Balancing Movements
  7. The Hollow Center Structure
  8. The Discarded God, Hiruko
  9. The Return of the Discarded Child
  10. The Fate of Katako

IV. Japanese Fairy Tales: The Aesthetic Solution

  1. The Tale of Urashima
  2. The Dragon Fight
  3. Aesthetic Solution to Conflicts
  4. The Forbidden Chamber
  5. Dreams of the Japanese
  6. The West and the East
  7. Beauty and Ugliness
  8. Transgression and Consciousness
  9. Legends and Fairy Tales
  10. The Beauty of Perfection and Completeness

V. Torikaebaya: A Tale of Changing Sexual Roles

  1. The story of Torikaebaya
  2. The Exchange of Male and Female Roles
  3. Love
  4. Beauty
  5. Locus
  6. Ego and Psyche

Appendix - The Changelings: A summary of the Torikaebaya monogatari



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