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Jungian Perspectives on Clinical Supervision
Paul Kugler


From the contents:

Individual Supervision:
Suggestions Towards a Theory of Supervision
Michael Fordham's Theory and Practice of Supervision
Supervision and the Mentor Archetype
Supervision and the Interactive Field
Transference Projections in Supervision
Styles of Supervision
Sustaining the Potential Analyst's Morale

Case Colloquium:
Ecstasies and Agonies of Case Seminar Supervision
On Supervision in Jungian Continuous Case Seminars
Some Thoughts on the Clinical Process
Assessing Progress in Supervision

Phases in a Supervisor's Life:
The Transition From Training Candidate to Supervising Analyst
The Education of the Supervisor
The Aging Supervisor

Supervision and Institutions:
Supervision, Training, and the Institution as an Internal Pressure
A Model of Clinical Supervision
Supervision: The Impossible Profession


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