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A few Memories of Susan Bach

1. Small Circles - Closed Early: On the Stories behind Dying Children's Pictures; A Contribution to their Evaluation
 by Susan R. Bach

2. Spontaneous Drawings of a Leukaemic Child: An Aid for More Comprehensive Care of Fatally Ill Children and Their Families
 by Kaspar Kiepenheuer

3. Wind-trails
 by Helene Shulman Lorenz

4. Illness as Oracle: Psychosomatic Symptoms as Synchronistic Occurrences
 by Kaspar Kiepenheuer

5. Synchronistic Phenomena
 by C. Toni Frey-Wehrlin

6. Light out of Darkness; Towards a Personal Mythology
 by Bill Burritt

7. Picasso's Minotaur Series Reconsidered in the Light of Animus and Anima
 by Ralph Goldstein and Barbara Harborne

8. The Inner Figure: Synchronistic Images of the Soul
 by Cedrus Monte

9. The Alchemy of Art in Analysis
 by Joy Schaverien

10. Symbols and Transformation - The Meaning of Symbols within the Analytical Process
 by Paul Brutsche

11. Learning from Images
 by Michael Edwards

12. Displaced Qualities of God as a Cause of Human Illness
 by Susan R. Bach

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