Parabola 4:1

The Trickster

, ISBN Pb 4:1 / 978Pb 4:1, Parabola

"One More Smile for a Hopi Clown" by Emory Sekaquaptewa - A man’s last wish reveals the profound character of the clown’s role

"The Way of Blame" by Michel Waldberg - Inner growth through outer shock--an ancient method exemplified in the teaching of C. I. Gurdjieff

"Craftsman of Chaos" by Lynda Sexson - Insuring that nothing ever makes too much sense, the fool of the Tarot informs and confuses the rest of the pack

"The Youngest Brother" by P. L. Travers. Illustrated with the art of Cecil Collins - An inquiry into the concept of the Third Son

ARCS: "Holy Laughter" - Notes on the method in madness

"The Wisdom of the Contrary: A Conversation with Joseph Epes Brown" - The well-known friend and student of the Sioux discusses the deep meaning of the Heyhoka and remembers his teacher, Black Elk

"Boundaries of Belief" by Barbara Tedlock - The terrifying courage of the Zuni clowns in the service of their people

"The Hodja" by David Leeming - Nasreddin as Rumi’s comic shadow

Tangents - Reviews
"The Uses of the Past" by Roger Lipsey - Tutankhamun at the Met--beyond the clichés
"Path to the Center" by Peter Awn - The Whirling Dervishes in "performance"
"Good News, Mostly" by John Loudon - St. Mark’s Gospel as a one-man show
"A Mythhandled Miss" by Frederick Franck - Eric Rohmer’s film of Perceval: an avant-garde look at the Holy Fool

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Beyond the Seer of Lublin" / Jewish
"Our Lady’s Tumbler" / French
"The Master Thief" / Haitian
"How Salmon Got Greasy Eyes" / Coos-Coquille
"The Tortoise and his Creditors" / Igbo
"The Brown Monkey"


Parabola 4:1 - The Trickster

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