• Parabola 11:1 -   The Witness


Parabola 11:1

The Witness

, ISBN Pb 11:1 / 978Pb 11:1, Parabola

"Looking Through the Wall: A Meditation on Vision" by Richard R. Niebuhr - Varieties of decisive moments

"The Unsleeping Eye" by P. L. Travers - A fairy tale

"You Are My Witnesses" by David H.C. Read - The impact of belief

"Science and Tradition" by Basarab Nicolescu - A new paradigm

"The Silent Guide" - An interview with Father Bede Griffiths

"Shahadah" by Victor Danner - The Sufi testimony

From Around the Day in Eighty Worlds by Julio Cortázar - Fiction from a forthcoming book

"And Nothing but the Truth" by Thomas A. Dooling - Courtroom conundrums

"The Witness Within" by Padma Perera - Levels of presence

Tangents - reviews
"Being Straight with the Medicine" by Thomas Buckley - A review essay of Warren L d’Azevedo’s book

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Emperor’s New Clothes" / Hans Christian Andersen
"Turncoat" / Bakongo
"The Wall of Mystery" / Sufi
"Mr. Fox" / British
"The Cedar Tree" / Mohawk
"Sir Launcelot’s Dream" / Arthurian
"The History of Susanna" / Apocrypha
"The Seven Mateinnu" / Lenape


Parabola 11:1 - The Witness

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