• Spring 83 - 2010 - Minding the Animal Psyche

Spring 83 - 2010

Minding the Animal Psyche

448 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-07-4

In the past, depth psychology has largely confined its reflections upon animals to human dreams and encounters. In Minding the Animal Psyche, Spring seeks to greatly broaden this inquiry, turning the psychological eye from its inward gaze to honor and explore the psyches of our animal kin and the mutual interrelationships that exist between species. As our global society moves from anthropocentrism to eco-centricism, individuation of the ecopsyche mandates that we reflect on what animals bring into our lives and what we bring to the psyches of the animals with whom we live. Psychology's acknowledgement of the animal psyche—in the same way that we do the human psyche—represents a dramatic, expansive shift and an exciting opportunity to bring insights from animal-oriented disciplines to depth psychology.

A Note from the Editor Nancy Cater
Guest Editor’s Introduction G.A. Bradshaw
Jung and the Parrot: Facts, Interpretations, and Connections Phoebe Greene Linden
The Art of Cultural Brokerage: Recreating Elephant-Human Relationship and Community Carol Buckley & G.A. Bradshaw
Imagining Coexistence: What Grizzly Bears Have to Teach Us Susie O'Keeffe
My Father was a Bear: Human-Animal Transformation in Native American Teachings Jeanne A. Lacourt
Where the Wild Things Are: Dreaming the Bioregion Patricia Reis
Discovering the Way Back to the Solid Ground of Ethical Uncertainty: From Animal Use to Animal Protection John P. Gluck
Animals on Film: The Ethics of the Human Gaze Randy Malamud
We, Matata: Bicultural Living Among Apes G. A. Bradshaw
Harbingers of (Silent) Spring: Archetypal Avians, Avian Archetypes, and the Truly Collective Unconscious pattrice jones
Freud and the Family Horse: Exploration into Equine Psychotherapy Vera Muller-Paisner and G.A. Bradshaw
Becoming Rabbit: Living with and Knowing Rabbits Margo DeMello
Chicken-Human Relationships: From Procrustean Genocide to Empathic Anthropomorphism Karen Davis
Developing Beyond a Narcissistic Relationship with Animals Brenda Murrow
Re-visioning Eco-psychology: Seeing through Dream Animals to Species in Peril Debra Merskin
The Evolution of Ethology: An Interview with Marc Bekoff G.A. Bradshaw
Ecopsychology and the Sacred: the Psychological Basis of the Environmental Crisis David Tacey
Film Review
The Cove, directed by Louie Psihoyos Victoria Drake
Book Reviews
Liber Novus, that is, The New Bible: A First Analysis of C.G. Jung's Red Book Wolfgang Giegerich
On Soul and Earth by Elena Liotta (ed.) Anne Noonan
The Presence of the Feminine in Film by John Beebe and Virginia Apperson Eleonora Babejova
Experiencing Hildegard: Jungian Perspectives by Avis Clendenen Ursula Wirtz
Where the Shadows Lie: A Jungian Interpretation of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings by Pia Skogemann Ruth Ledergerber
The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way by Naomi Lowinsky David Rosen

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Spring 83 - 2010 - Minding the Animal Psyche

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