Parabola 14:3

The Tree of Life

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"Wheels within Wheels" by Basarab Nicolescu - How modern science echoes the mystic vision of Jacob Boehme

"The Riddle of the Tree in Man" by David Appelbaum - Exploring a living symbol of exchange

"The Celestial Root" by P. L. Travers - Thade’s celebration involving an upside-down tree

"The Green Man" by William Anderson - Tracing a vegetation image in medieval art

"A Dream of the Rood" - An Old English poem chronicling a vision of the cross

"The Tree at the Heart of the Garden" by Eliezer Shore - Reconciling duality in the Genesis account of Eden

ARCS: "Roots and Branches"

"Earth, Moon, and Sun" by Amadou Hampâté Bâ - Connections above and below in West African cosmology

"The Island Within" by Richard Nelson - Reciprocal relationships in an Alaskan ecosystem

"The Serpent and the Eagle" by Paul Jordan-Smith - World-embracing representations of a traditional symbol

"The Sea of Life" by J. E. Lovelock - The Gaia hypothesis in a balanced ocean

"The Grain of Mustard Seed" by Maurice Nicoll - The connecting point in a Gospel parable

"Man: The Bridge between Two Worlds" by Franz E. Winkler - Humanity as the cornerstone of creation

Tangents - Reviews
"Revelation Through the Camera Lens" by David Ulrich - A retrospective of the photography of Minor White
"Operatic Osmosis" by Rob Baker - Transformation versus masquerade in Richard Strauss’ Daphne

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Kalakuyuwish" / Kwakiutl
"The Secret of the Wood" / Chinese
"The Magic Orange Tree" / Haitian
"The First Tree" / Sumerian
"How Pig and Bear Went into Business" / Czechoslovakian


Parabola 14:3 - The Tree of Life

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