• Parabola 15:1 -   Time and Presence


Parabola 15:1

Time and Presence

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"The Experience of Change" - An Interview with H. H. the Dalai Lama

"Living Time" by Maurice Nicoll - Emancipating ourselves from the ordinary

"Timing the Moment" by David Appelbaum - Krishna’s lesson to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita

"Observing Sacred Time" by Mircea Eliade - Contrasting mythic cycles with the tempos of everyday life

"Sitting in the Moving Moonlight" by Jonas Barciauskas - Contemplating a Zen sesshin and a Catholic baptism

FOUR POEMS: - A.E. Housman, Kabir, Jon Swan, Rob Baker

ARCS: "All Time Is Present"

"The Crack Between Two Worlds" by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy - The metaphor of the active door between two clashing forces

"Another Dimension" by M. C. Huntoon, Jr. - Viewing the worlds above from the planes below

"The Ouroboros" by Louis Charbonneau-Lassay - A mythical creature in continual cyclic motion

"Maps of Presence" by Rob Baker - The symbolic blueprint of person-centered astrology

"Jantar Mantar": Photographs by Barry Perlus - A monumental masonry observatory in Delhi, India

"Events in Time" by Stephen W. Hawking - Locating the present in space-time

"Physical Time" by Carol Noll Hoskins - Chronobiology looks at human owls and larks

"What Happens When the Clock Stops?" - Children’s views about time

"Awakening to the Present" - An Interview with Fr. Thomas Keating

"Inner and Outer Time" by Irving Friedman - Temporal cycles in Ancient Judaism

"Jacob Boehme’s Moment of Truth" by Basarab Nicolescu - A Christian mystic’s illumination in the light of modern physics

"Reaching for the Trapeze" - An Interview with director Peter Brook

Tangents - reviews
"The Riddle of the Feet" - Our Kind, reviewed by Paul Jordan-Smith

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"Planting Time" / Cherokee - by Forrest Carter
"The Perfect Staff" / Hindu - by Henry David Thoreau
"The Old Are Made Young Again" / Babylonian - by Paul Jordan-Smith
"How Mink Stole Time" / Salish - by Joseph Bruchac
"A Mad Tea-party" / English - by Lewis Carroll
"To Every Thing There Is a Season" / Hebrew - from Ecclesiastes


Parabola 15:1 - Time and Presence

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