• Parabola 17:1 -   Solitude and Community


Parabola 17:1

Solitude and Community

, ISBN Pb 17:1 / 978Pb 17:1, Parabola

"The Inner Family" by D. M. Dooling - The lifelong study of essential relationships

"Reunion with the Source" by Mary Ann Troedsson - A death in the family

"Surrounded by Water, Dying of Thirst" by Lambros Kamperidis - Withdrawing from the world as preparation for re-entering the world

"The Soul of the Community" by Eliezer Shore - "Before we can know God, we must come to know ourselves"

"Finding the Gift in It" by Jean Harris - Solitary confinement and communal empowerment

"All My Relations" by Linda Hogan - Re-establishing universal connections in a sweat lodge ceremony

"The Forest of Eyes" by Richard Nelson - The unity of two separate worlds in nature

"Grain Elevators" by Ruth Rudner, photos by Bruce Selyem - "Where land lies without bounds, the emptiness is huge"

"Selfless Service" from The Bhagavad Gita - The two paths of the pure heart in yoga

"Dweller in the Cave of the Heart" by Wayne Teasdale - The Hindu sannyasi’s search for the mystery of distinction-within-unity

"Between Work and Prayer" by Thomas Merton - The cloister garth as the monastery’s inner light

"On the Life of the Therapeutae" by Philo - An early Jewish monastic sect near Alexandria

"Aboriginal Solitude" by James G. Cowan - Community with the earth, the Dreaming, and totemic ritual

FIVE POEMS by Ch’iu-ti Liu, Brian Swann, Anne K. Smith, Rosalie Cutting, and Rob Baker

"Hoeing Garlic" by Stanley Crawford - Two opposite tendencies at odds in physical labor

"Paid in Gold: An interview with Ruth Cooke" - A 96-year-old woman looks at life alone and together with friends and ideas

"On Solitude and the Attainment of God" by Meister Eckhart - A medieval mystic’s challenge to withdrawing from the world

Tangents - reviews
"The Art of Dislocation" by Daniella Dooling - A new show points to the rift between the artist and society

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"Three Fables" / Jewish, Greek, and Persian
"The Secret Garden" / English - by Frances Hodgson Burnett
"Mullah Goes to Market" / Middle Eastern - retold by Paul Jordan-Smith


Parabola 17:1 - Solitude and Community

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