• Parabola 17:2 -   Labyrinth


Parabola 17:2


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"The Geometry of the Labyrinth" by Patrick Conty - The relationship between mazes and knots

"Journey to the Center" by Mircea Eliade - Questions which fueled a personal and scholastic search

"All Seek a Way" by Shawkat M. Toorawa - The straight path in Islam

"The One Thread" by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy - A classic treatise on knots and labyrinths

ARCS: "The Deeper Chambers of the Heart"

"The Game of Goose" by Frederick Franck - Variations of a popular European board game

"Borges and I" by Jorge Luis Borges - The confusing spiral of imagination and identity

TWO POEMS by W. H. Auden and Shaikh Ahmad al-’Alawi

"Poetry, Madness, and the Inner Ear" by Douglas Thorpe - Physical and poetic manifestations of a metaphor

"Waw Giwulk: The Center of the Basket" by Joseph Bruchac - The maze-baskets of the Pima Indians

"The Risk of Evolution: An interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce" - The search for the link between the brain and the heart

"Cave and Labyrinth" by Jean Gebser - Symbolic similarities and differences

"The Joy of the Maze" by Trebbe Johnson - Swimming under water

"The Making of an Orthodox Rosary" by D. M. Deed - A tactile approach to working through a prayer-knot

"The Secret Place" by Richard Behrens - Discoveries at the cave of Les Trois Frères in France

Tangents - reviews
"A Modern Metaphor" by Rob Baker - The labyrinth in contemporary literature

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Dirge for Daedalus" / Greek - retold by Paul Jordan-Smith
"Two Stories" / Jewish - by Martin Buber
"The War Machine" / Hindu - retold by Tom White
"The Briar Patch" / American - retold by Tom White
"The Wolf and the Kid" / Greek - from Aesop’s Fables
"Sleeping Beauty" / European - retold by P. L. Travers


Parabola 17:2 - Labyrinth

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