• Parabola 18:2 -   Place and Space


Parabola 18:2

Place and Space

, ISBN Pb 18:2 / 978Pb 18:2, Parabola

"Telling the Holy" by Scott Russell Sanders - How we relate to the earth through story

"Home" by William Maxwell - The smallest, most important things

"Dreaming the Beginning: An interview with Robert Lawlor" - The geometry of Aboriginal Dreamtime

"Nostalgia for the Present" by Janet Heyneman - Moving between two worlds

"On Exile" by Czeslaw Milosz - Experiences of displacement

"The Birth of a Shrine" by Shrivatsa Goswami and Margaret Case - On creating a sacred space

"The Gate of Mercy" by Martin Lev - The absence of the Divine presence

"Feng Shui" by Sarah Rossbach - The Chinese art of placement

"Hawai’i: Landscape of Transformation" by David Ulrich - A photo essay

"A Glimpse of Paradise" by Wayne Teasdale - How the cloister brings us to the center of ourselves

"Free Space" by William Shelton - An astronaut’s encounter with the void of outer space

ARCS: "Innermost Boundaries"

"Among These Mountains" by Ron Matous - The landscapes that we call home

Tangents - reviews
"Familiar Places" by Virginia Baron - Reviews of "In Transit" and "A House for Us All"

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The White Stag" / Hungarian - retold by Natalie Baan
"The Underground Forest" / Jewish - retold by Howard Schwartz
"Crawls" / British
"Blanket Lizard" / Australian

"Nuns Fret Not" by William Wordsworth
"Space" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
"Transition" by D. M. Dooling
"On Leaving a House" by Gwendolyn Scott


Parabola 18:2 - Place and Space

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