Parabola 19:1

The Call

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"Invitation to the Soul" by David A. Cooper - Sounds that awaken us

"The One in the Many" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Religion, globality, and universality

"Resistance to the Call" by Juilene Osborne-McKnight - The story of St. Patrick

"Following the Straight Path" by Richard Katz - Transmission of Fijian healing practices

"Call of the Wild" by Jack London - Following old memories

"Ear of the Heart" by Norvene Vest - The Rule of St. Benedict

"There Are No Secrets" by Peter Brook - Discovering the stage set for The Tempest

"The Awakening of Thought" by Jeanne de Salzmann - Recognition of another level

"Old Speech" by Ken Hawkinson - The role of the African griot

"Abraham’s Call" by Gray Henry - The Islamic view of invitation to prayer

"The Call of Service" by Robert Coles - A portrait of Dorothy Day

"The Reluctant Prophet" by Mordechai Beck - The story of Jonah

"Winding the Golden String" by Bede Griffiths - A boyhood experience of the divine

"The Command is to Hear: An Interview with Adin Steinsaltz" - The call in Judaism

Tangents - Reviews
"Film as Meditation" by Bob Scher - A review of the film Baraka
"The Call of the Story" by Suzanne Jasper - Native American Storytelling Festival review

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Hanuman’s Call" / Hindu - retold by D. K. M. Kartha
"Music of the Sirens" / Greek - retold by Natalie Baan
"The Carpenter’s Wife" / English - retold by Shanti Fader


"Vocatus atque Non Vocatus" by William Stafford
"War God’s Horse Song II" by Frank Mitchell


Parabola 19:1 - The Call

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