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Parabola 19:3


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"Bodies of Sleep, Garments of Skins" by Stuart Smithers - Ancient views of the relationship between body and soul

"Dangerous Outfits" by Nouk Bassomb - Be careful where you go in borrowed clothes

"Pascal’s Jacket" by Noelle Oxenhandler - A meditation on hiddenness

"Every Robe He Dons Becomes Him" by Shawkat M. Toorawa - Images of clothing in the Islamic tradition

"The Fabric of Independence" by Susan Bean - The communicative power of Mahatma Gandhi’s costume

"Trying on a Hat" by Richard Lewis - Children’s dress-ups

"A Glorious Robe" by Kathleen Norris - The Benedictine clothing ceremony

"The Mystery of the Veil" by Frithjof Schuon - The garment that conceals and reveals

"The Dancer’s Sleeve" by Edwin Bernbaum - Tibetan Mani Rimdu dance ritual

"Divine Clothing" by Joseph Wolf - Mystical Judaic versions of the garment metaphor

"Before All This" by Gunilla Norris - How traditional costume defines our roots

"The Cycle of Sex" by Rodney Collin - Alternating masculine and feminine ages

"The Decorated Body" by France Borel - The human body as a product of culture

"Clothed in the Beauty of Possibility" by Richard Wentz - How what we wear reveals who we are

"Garments of Voice" by Gail Rossi and Sun Bingshan - Chinese women’s garments

"Powerful Secrets: An Interview with Pamela Keech" - Costume in theater, costume as art

Tangents - Reviews
"Junihitoe: Silk and Suffering" by Ellen Dooling Draper - The ceremonial dressing of Japanese imperial princesses

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Tale of the Tallis" / Jewish - retold by Howard Schwartz
"The Peasant and Zemyne" / Lithuanian - retold by Boria Sax
"Allerleirauh" / German - retold by Natalie Baan
"How Buzzard Got His Feathers" / Iroquois - retold by Joseph Bruchac
"How the People Learned to Weave" / Nabakaenga (Solomon Islands) - retold by Robert Viking O’Brien


"The Fates" by Jane Yolen


Parabola 19:3 - Clothing

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