• Parabola 20:1 -   Earth, Air, Fire, Water


Parabola 20:1

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

, ISBN Pb 20:1 / 978Pb 20:1, Parabola

"Ancient Quartet" by Scott Russell Sanders - Changing perspectives about the basic substances

"The Primary Qualities" by Titus Burckhardt - An alchemical view

"The Nature of Nature" by Thomas Kelting - The search for the connectedness of all things

"Water Rises, Too" by Thich Nhat Hanh - The source of one thing is all things

"The Known and Unknown Wind" by Doug Logan - Wind and water as the sailor sees them

"The Forge" by Will R. Cummings - The power of fire

"Sacred Waters, Holy Wells" by Mara Freeman - Miraculous pools and springs in the British Isles

"Great and Little Worlds" by Paracelsus - Words from a master of sixteenth-century European alchemy

"The Powers of Creation" by Kat Duff - The Zodiac within

"Elements of Human Nature" - Energies of the astrological signs

"A River Went out of Eden" by Irving Friedman - The symbolism of the elements in Judaism

"The Last Sacrifice" by Diana L. Eck - Antyeshti: The Hindu cremation rite

"Clyde’s Pick-Up" by William Bryant Logan - Even a truck turns to soil

"Travels of the Soul" by Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al Jerrahi - A Sufi view of human origins

"Angels of Rain and Lightning Martha Heyneman - The many and the one

"Carrying the Fire: An interview with John Biggers" - An artist’s view of the life process

Texts from the world’s traditions

"The Question" from Majjhima-nikaya
"The Powers" from the Prasna Upanishad
"The Resurrection" from the Bundahis

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"The Earth Is Set Up" / Cheyenne - retold by Palmer Valor
"The Mother of Water" / Finnish - from The Kalevala
"Agni, God of Fire" / Hindu - retold by D.K.M. Kartha
"The Son of the Wind" / African - from African Folktales
"The Making of the Golem" / Jewish - retold by Chayim Bloch
"The Nyalaidj Dancers" / Australian - retold by Gararu


Parabola 20:1 - Earth, Air, Fire, Water

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