• Parabola 21:1 -   Prophets and Prophecy


Parabola 21:1

Prophets and Prophecy

, ISBN Pb 21:1 / 978Pb 21:1, Parabola

"What Manner of Man is the Prophet?" by Abraham J. Heschel - A classic inquiry

"The First Prophet: An Interview with Seyyed Hossein Nasr" - Divine reality in the world of creation

"Partial Revelation of the Truth" by Walter Gardini - A modern prophet’s theory of education

"The Rushing Wind" by Rebecca Robison - An Illustrated Poem

"Against Futurology" by Konrad Kellen - Modern "prophecy" unveiled

"Revelation Revisited" by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I - A notable address

"Prophecy and Scientific Prediction" by Robert Meservey - A physicist’s overview

"Prophecy in Poetry" - A Garland

"The Edge-Dweller" by Anita Doyle - Dreaming and the transformation of culture

"A Prophet Born of Stone" by Stephen Lewis - Bektashi legends

"Telling Pictures" - Images of the Sibylline Oracles

"Making an Ass of Oneself" by Martin Rowe - Balaam taken for a ride

"Night Windows" by William Sullivan - Myth as a carrier of prophetic star knowledge

"Moses for the Defense" by Yochanan Muffs - Exodus in a new light

"Merlin: Once and Future Prophet" by Anne Crompton - A Chant

"Storage Consciousness" by Soga Ryojin - Dharmakara’s resounding vow

"The Third Hand" by Alexander Eliot - A miracle in Damascus

"Shakespeare’s Prophetic Mind" by A. C. Harwood - The Tempest reconsidered

"Saint Malachy’s Prophecy" by Martin Lings - A controversial subject

"Prediction" by Bill Martin - A Tondo illustrated in prose

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Fox Paws" / Dogon - by Joseph Bruchac
"The Tale of a Fish" / Christian - retold by Nancy Ludmerer
"A Father’s Words" /Buddhist - retold by Aaron Shepard


Parabola 21:1 - Prophets and Prophecy

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