• Parabola 23:3 -   Fear


Parabola 23:3


, ISBN Pb 23:3 / 978Pb 23:3, Parabola

"The Monster of Grim Prospects" by Trebbe Johnson - Self-doubt and the defeat of courage

"Grace to Love, Grace to Fear" by Julian of Norwich - "Love and fear are brothers"

"Raising the Eyes" by Eliezer Shore - Fear in a life of discipline and practice

"Windigo" by Floyd B. Largent - The monster who feeds on human flesh

"The Human Face" - An interview with Frederick Franck

"Harrowing Hell" by Léonie Caldecott - Where safety is to be found

" ’Fear Not Thou’ " - A charm against fear

"Time Is the Root" by J. Krishnamurti - Dread of the perishable

"Through the Story’s Terror" by Laura Simms - In the heart of the tale’s protagonist

"The Blessed State" by Gray Henry - The impetus of spiritual struggle

ARCS: "One Quality of the Soul"

"The Nightmare’s Mask" by Geraldine Nagle - Dzonokwa, image of the fearsome

"Fruits of Prayer" by Theophan the Recluse - A way of inner repetition

"Mysterium Tremendum" by Rudolph Otto - The roots of religious feeling

"Awakening the Emotions" by Christian Wertenbaker - Transforming the emotional life

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Rushing Waters" / Jewish - from the Talmud
"The Other World" / Turkish - retold by Talat Halman
"Kali’s Miracle" / Hindu - retold by D. K. M. Kartha
"Wu Chen and the Dragon Pool" / Confucian - retold by Dorothy Francis


Parabola 23:3 - Fear

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