• Parabola 25:2 -   Riddle & Mystery


Parabola 25:2

Riddle & Mystery

, ISBN Pb 25:2 / 978Pb 25:2, Parabola

"One and One Make One" by Christian Wertenbaker - The puzzle of looking inward and outward

"Enigma, Paradox, Parable" by David and Sharon Hoffman - Western traditions of teaching through riddles

"The Mystery of the Headless Goddess" by Miranda Shaw - Tantric symbol of spiritual rebirth

"Riddles in the Dark" by J. R. R. Tolkien - A deadly contest beneath the mountains

"Squaring the Circle" by Eric LaVigne - Toward a solution of the ancient problem

"Angels and Fools" by Cecil Collins - A gallery of paintings and meditations

"The Great Magician" by René Daumal - A cryptic story from the author of Mount Analogue

"Science, Observation, and Mystery" by Luke Keller - When spirit meets the scientific method

"Word Alchemy" by Paul Sorrell - The use of riddles in Anglo-Saxon culture

"A Prayer to My Gritty God" by BK Loren - Invoking the spirit of the Fool

"Singing the World" - An Interview with Heather Valencia

"Empty-handed I Go" by D. T. Suzuki - Comments on the Zen koan

"Hamlet’s Mission" - An Interview with Andrei Serban

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Concealed Deer" / Chinese
"A Palace of Bird Beaks" / Jewish - retold by Barbara Rush and Howard Schwartz
"Nothingness" / Hindu - retold by Rama Devagupta
"Inktomi and the Best Thing" / Sioux - retold by Aaron Link
"Two Cows" / Persian
"The Mule and the Villagers" / Korean


Parabola 25:2 - Riddle & Mystery

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