• Parabola 25:4 -   Fate & Fortune


Parabola 25:4

Fate & Fortune

, ISBN Pb 25:4 / 978Pb 25:4, Parabola

"Misfortune’s Fortune" by Laura Simms -That unpredictable play of reversal in stories

"Moving Through Milestones" - An interview with Sobonfu Somé

"Beyond Fate" by David and Sharon Hoffman - Chance interventions in the inevitable

"What Is Our Own Doing?" by Plotinus - A classic source on the soul’s free will

"The Winding Knot" by Mara Freeman - The Celtic geis

"Destined Freedom" by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz - Her-Bak and the law of Necessity

"A Child of Good Fortune" by Nan Runde - Story endings that cannot be undone

"The Book of Vessels" by Howard Schwartz - A modern parable

"Synchronicity" by C. G. Jung - Meaningful coincidences in our lives

"Celestial Influence and Human Destiny" - An interview with Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

"’...and a little from Abdullah’" by Carol Ring - Practical measures to help avoid suffering

"Turning the Riddle and Casting the Blue Clew" by Jan Darby - A Scottish way of fortunetelling

ARCS: An Itinerate Luck

"The Three Threads of the Cord" by Annie Bessant - A modern reconstruction of the Fates

"’All That Thou Wishest!’" by Jean-Pierre de Caussade - Fate and God’s will

"The Spindle" by Boria Sax - The enduring symbol of our destiny

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Ascetic and the Prostitute" / Hindu retold by Rama Devagupta
"The Luck of Faradj, the Rope Maker" / Jewish (Afghanistan) retold by Peninah Schram
"Maybe Good, Maybe Bad" / Chinese retold by Gray Henry
"Satyavan and Savitri" / Hindu retold by Kamala Thiagarajan


Parabola 25:4 - Fate & Fortune

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