• Parabola 36:1 - Suffering

Parabola 36:1



6 FIVE FULL MINUTES Robert Chodo Campbell - A Zen Buddhist priest in Zimbabwe and South Africa

12 “FOR THE SWING OF THOUGHT” Neil Rusch - Jack Kerouac goes in search of the miraculous

20 ACCEPTING THE MYSTERY - A conversation with Jonathan Omer-Man

26 TO BE FREE OF SUFFERING - Wisdom from the Dalai Lama, with photographs by Herb Ritts

30 I MUST LIVE THE INSUFFICIENCY Jeanne de Salzmann - “A new feeling appears when the conditions of suffering are accepted”

32 THE BEATITUDES - The words of Jesus Christ, with a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe

34 THE FLIGHT FROM DISUNITY Vanessa Hurst - Thomas Merton and the gift of suffering

40 THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THE RAIN FOREST Jerry Toth - Witnessing the agonies of the earth

46 THE COSMIC NECESSITY OF SUFFERING Christian Wertenbaker - Suffering in the lives of humanity, the universe, and God

52 THE NAKED SOUL OF MAN Ernest Shackleton - A tale of endurance and survival

58 SUFFERING AND THE WAY Roy Ashwell - On being “naked at the foot of the path up the holy mountain”

62 THE WORLD IS ON FIRE Joshua Boettiger - Insights on suffering from the Jewish tradition

68 INTENTIONAL SUFFERING George L. Beke - Ancient wisdom, a profound spiritual way

72 THE METAPHYSICS OF SUFFERING Charles Upton - Illuminations from the great Traditions

84 PERCEPTIONS OF “SUFFERING” Rosemary Nott - “What is it, to suffer?”

90 NOTES ON THE NEXT ATTENTION Fran Shaw - Recollected talks of Michel de Salzmann at Chandolin


EPICYCLE - 80 SHIVA AND SATI Anonymous / Hindu - Retold by Diane Wolkstein

TANGENT - 98 WRITING IN CIRCLES J.M. White - On Mary Douglas’s Thinking in Circles, Seyed Ghahreman Safavi and - Simon Weightman’s Rumi’s Mystical Design, and Anthony Blake’s - A Gymnasium of Beliefs in Higher Intelligence


114 MEN OF A SINGLE BOOK - Mateus Soares de Azevedo | reviewed by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos

119 NINE LIVES - William Dalrymple | reviewed by Bill Williams

120 TATTOOS ON THE HEART - Gregory Boyle | reviewed by Miriam Faugno

123 THE YEAR OF THE HARE - Arto Paasalinna | reviewed by Elizabeth Napp



Parabola 36:1 - Suffering

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