• Parabola 38:1 - Spirit in the World

Parabola 38:1 Spring 2013

Spirit in the World

Believing the best way to help the world was to work on himself, the American-born Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi lived as a Buddhist monastic and scholar in Asia for decades. Yet his perspective changed as he progressed on the path: “Our task today, in my understanding, is to complement the ascending spiritual movement with a descending movement, a gesture of love and grace flowing down from the heights of realization into the valleys of our ordinary lives.”

Returning to America, he founded Buddhist Global Relief, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating hunger, developing sustainable food production, and educating and improving the lives of women and girls.

“Spirit in the World” explores many other journeys towards action in the world. Some of these journeys arise from the heart of tradition; others leave the established map of higher truth for the wild territory of our own experience. May all of them inspire you.


Parabola 38:1 - Spirit in the World

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