• Parabola  9:3 -   Pilgrimage


Parabola 9:3


, ISBN Pb 9:3 / 978Pb 9:3, Parabola

"Pilgrims and Pioneers" by Richard R. Niebuhr - Our bodies as vehicles of passage

"From The Notebooks of Paul Brunton" - Recently published reflections on the nature of the search

"The Hajj" by Gai Eaton - The two journeys to Mecca

"Guruji" by Padma Perera - A child’s apprenticeship in Manipuri dance

"A New Dwelling" - An interview with Tara Tulku Rinpoche

"Intimate Journeys" by Lizelle Reymond - Impressions of Hindu pilgrimages

"The Road to the Center" by Arthur Amiotte - Preparations for the Sun Dance

ARCS: "Becoming Passers-by"

"The Way Back" by P. L. Travers - Pondering the whence and why and whither

"Living in the Distance" by Thomas Buckley - Stalking the taotie

Tangents - Reviews
"Red-Thread Zen" by Frederick Franck - Ikkyu and his legacy

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Shrine" / Tibetan
"The Shrine" / Turkish
"Flying the Children to Wirikuta" / Huichol
"Journey’s End" / Chinese
"The Last Pilgrimage" / lndian


Parabola 9:3 - Pilgrimage

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