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Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales in Japan
Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales in Japan
Aanavi, Michael
Abt / Hornung
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Abt / Madelung / Hofmeier
Abt / von Franz
Abt, Theodor
Abt-Baechi, Regina
Aizenstat / Boznak
Aizenstat, Stephen
Ammann, Ruth
Appelbaum, David/Kulin, Joseph
Ashton, Paul & Bloch, Stephen
Asper, Kathrin
Bach, Susan
Bachelard, Gaston / Gaudin, Colette
Bair, Deirdre
Barz, Ellynor
Baynes Jansen, Diana
Becker, Christina
Beebe, John
Begg, Deike
Begg, Ean
Bendayan, Gertrudis Ostfeld de
Bennet, E.A.
Berry, Patricia
Bishop, Paul
Bishop, Peter
Bleek & Lloyd
Boas, George
Boer, Charles
Boswell Moore, Phyllis
Brockway, Robert
Brown, Schuyler
Brutsche, Paul
Burns, Kate
Byington, Carlos Amadeu Bothelho
Cameron, Julia/Wheater, Tom
Campbell, Joseph
Casey, Edward S.
Caspari, Elizabeth
Castleman, Tess
Cater, Nancy
Cheetham, Tom
Chinen, Allan B.
Clendenen, Avis
Cobb, Edith
Collins, Alfred
Colman, Warren
Conforti, Michael
Coppin, Joseph/Nelson, Elizabeth
Corbett, Lionel
Cowan, Lyn
Crowther, Catherine & Jan Wiener
Czuczka, George
Daniel, Renate
Dass, Ram
Denes, Agnes
Dieckmann, Hans
Dodson, Laura/Gibson, Terril
Donnchadha, Ramonn
Dooling, D.M.
Downing, Christine
Drob, Sanford L.
Dyer, Donald
Ed. Ashton, Paul W.
Edelman, Sandra
Edinger, Edward F. & Dianne D. Cordic & Charles Yates
Eigen, Michael
Engelsman, Joan Chamberlain
Eranos Lectures
Eranos Yearbooks
Escamilla, Michael
Estés, Clarissa Pinkola
Evans, Ron
Evetts-Secker, Josephine
Fertel, Randy
Fierz, Heinrich-Karl
Fischli, Hans
Foster, Elizabeth Vincent
Fraim, John
Frey-Rohn, Liliane
Gallbach, Marion
Gambini, Roberto
Ganahl, Rainer
Gartner, John & Buser, Steven
Gaudissart, Imelda
Gendlin, Eugene T.
Giegerich, Wolfgang
Goldstein, Ralph
Grof, Christina
Gudaitė, Grażina & Murray Stein
Guggenbühl, Allan
Guggenbühl-Craig Adolf/Hillman James
Gustafson, Fred
Haft, Yael
Hall, Nor
Hall, Nor / Dawson, Warren R.
Hanh, Thich Nhat
Hannah, Barbara
Hannah, Barbara/von Franz, Marie-Louise
Harris, Bud
Hell, Daniel
Henderson, Joseph L.
Henderson, Robert and Janis
Herzog, Edgar
Hill, John
Hillman, James
Hillman, James/Kerényi, Karl
Hillman, James/Pozzo, Laura
Hillman, James/Sells, Ben
Hogenson, George B.
Hollis, James
Hubback, Judith
Hultkranz, Ake
Hurwitz, Siegmund
Jacoby, Mario
Jaffé, Aniela
Johns, Geoff
Jung, C.G.
Jungian Odyssey Series
Kast, Verena
Kawai, Hayao
Kearney, Michael
Kennedy Emmanuel
Kerényi, Karl
Kirsch, James
Kittelson, Mary Lynn
Klein, Yves
Kluger, Rivkah
Kluger, Yehezkel
Knapp, Bettina
Kugler, Paul
Landau, Arlene Diane
Langley-Dános, Eva
Levenson, Carl
Lewis, Penny
Lindley, Daniel A.
Lockhart, Russell A.
Loomis, Mary E.
López-Pedraza, Rafael
Luke, Helen M.
Lusseyran, Jacques
Maidenbaum, Aryeh/Martin, Stephen
Malamud, René
Mallasz, Gitta
Maram, Eve
Mathes, Charlotte
Maxwell, William
McConeghey, Howard
McGlashan, Alan
McNamee, Gregory
McNeely, Del
Meador, Betty De Shong
Meier, C.A.
Meyer, Ruth
Miller, David L.
Mogenson, Greg
Monick, Eugene
Monte, Cedrus
Moon, Beverly,
Moore, Robert L.
Moore, Thomas
Moses, Johnny
Murdock, Maureen
Nelson, Elizabeth Eowyn
Neumann, Erich
Neumann, Micha
Newton, Lara
Nicolescu, Basarab
Nuñez, Luis Manuel
Olivier, Richard
Olsen, Susan
Ortiz Hill, Michael
Ortiz Hill, Michael /Kandemwa, Augustine
Ottmann, Klaus
Paris, Ginette
Pattis Zoja, Eva
Perlman, Michael
Perry, John Weir
Polikoff, Daniel
Psychological Perspectives
Pyle, Howard
Rabinowitz, Jacob
Redfearn, Joseph
Reid, Jane
Reis, Patricia
Reis, Patricia/Snow, Susan
Restany, Pierre
Reutter, Angelika
Rilke, Rainer-Maria
Robertson, Seonaid
Rockwood Hudson, Joyce
Rodman, Selden/Cleaver, Carole
Romanyshyn, Robert D.
Ronca, Erna
Rosa, Armando Nascimento
Rosen, Steven M.
Ross, Lena B./Roy, Manisha
Rothenberg, Rose-Emily
Rowland, Susan
Rutter, Virginia Beane
Rutter, Virginia Beane & Singer, Thomas
Sanford, John A.
Schenk, Ronald
Schierse Leonard, Linda
Schoen, David E.
Schoenl, William
Scholem, Gershom
Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
Schweizer, Andreas / Schweizer-Schweizer-Vüllers, Regine (Eds./H
Sells, Benjamin
Senensky, Sylvia
Serrano, Miguel
Seward, Barbara
Shalit, Erel & Stein, Murray
Shamdasani, Sonu
Shorter, Bani
Shulman, Helene
Singer, Thomas
Skogemann, Pia
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Corbett, Lionel Ed
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Slater, Glen
Snider, Clifton
Solie, Pierre
Spengler, Ernst
Spoto, Angelo
Spring Journal
Stanford, W.B.
Stanton, Marlan
Stein, Murray
Stein, Murray/Corbett, Lionel
Stein, Murray/Hollwitz, John
Stein, Robert
Stephenson, Craig
Stern, Arno
Sullivan, Barbara Stevens
Sullivan, Lawrence E.
Swan, Wendy
Tacey, David
Tarnas, Richard
TePaske, Bradley A.
Thoreau, Henry David
Tiberghien, Susan
Tkacz, Virlana
Todd, Peter B.
Ulanov, Ann & Barry
Ulanov, Ann Belford
van der Post, Laurens
van Waveren, Erlo
Ventura, Michael
Vogt, Gregory Max
von Franz / Frey-Rohn / Jaffé
von Franz, Marie-Louise
Watkins, Mary
Watts, Alan
Wertenschlag-Birkhäuser, Eva
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Zarrow, Sheila Dickman
Zoja / Williams
Zoja, Luigi
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   Reid, Jane

Jane Reid

Jung, My Mother and I

The analytic diaries of Catharine Rush Cabot

640 pages, ISBN 3-85630-601-3 / 978-3-85630-601-4, Daimon

The psychoanalytic writings of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) are well-known and biographies of every hue have been published. But what was Jung like in his workaday analytic sessions, and how did he interact with his clients, colleagues and friends on a daily basis?
Catharine (Katy) Cabot, an American in Europe, was a patient of Jung’s and al ...

   Hannah, Barbara

Barbara Hannah

Jung, His Life and Work

A Biographical Memoir

377 pages, ISBN 1-888602-07-4 / 978-1-888602-07-4, Chiron

A classic retelling of Jung’s life and work by one of his most dedicated followers and intimate friends. A warm biographical account filled with anecdotes and made vibrantly alive by the wit and personality of a person who was herself transformed by Jung’s spirit and analytic methods.

This full-scale study of Jung's life and work is written by a close stud ...

   Bair, Deirdre

Deirdre Bair

Jung, A Biography

881 pages, ISBN 0-316-07665-1 / 978-0-316-07665-4, Shambhala

National Award-winning biographer Deirdre Bair draws on new research into untapped sources to reveal the founder of analytical psychology as we haven’t seen him before. Through unprecedented access to private archives, restricted interviews, analytic diaries and early drafts of Jung’s own writings, Bair separates fact from misconception, revealing surprising discoveries, about C.G. Jun ...

   Spoto, Angelo

Angelo Spoto

Jung’s Typology in Perspective

200 pages, ISBN 0-933029-93-4 / 978-0-933029-93-4, Chiron

Revised and expanded edition. A comprehensive guide that addresses the relationship of type development and personal transformation to the individuation process, the underlying drive toward wholeness. ...

   Stein, Murray

Murray Stein

Jung’s Treatment of Christianity

The Psychotherapy of a Religious Tradition

199 pages, ISBN 0-933029-14-4 / 978-0-933029-14-9, Chiron

An insightful and convincing interpretation of Jung’s encounter with Christianity. In the last 20 years of his life, Jung wrote extensively on the Trinity, the Mass, alchemy and the Bible, in what Stein understands a his effort to help Christianity evolve into its next stage of development.

   Hogenson, George B.

George B. Hogenson

Jung’s Struggle with Freud

A Metabiographical Study

192 pages, ISBN 0-933029-81-0 / 978-0-933029-81-1, Chiron

An exploration of the historic relationship between Jung and Freud and its imact on twentieth century thought.

   Stein, Murray

Jung's Red Book for our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions, Vol. 2

Murray Stein and Thomas Arzt, Eds.

415 pages, ISBN 978-1-63051-578-2, Chiron

“To give birth to the ancient in a new time is creation,” Jung inscribed in his Red Book. The essays in this volume continue what was begun in Volume 1 of Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions by further contextualizing The Red Book culturally and interpreting it for our time. It is ...

   Stein, Murray

Jung's Red Book for our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions, Vol. 1

Murray Stein and Thomas Arzt, Eds.

418 pages, ISBN 978-1-63051-477-8, Chiron

The essays in this volume are geared to the recognition that the posthumous publication of The Red Book: Liber Novus by C. G. Jung in 2009 was a meaningful gift to our contemporary world. Similar to the volatile times Jung found himself in when he created this work a century ago, we today too are confronted with highly tu ...

   Baynes Jansen, Diana

Diana Baynes Jansen

Jung’s Apprentice

A Biography of Helton Godwin Baynes

348 pages, hardbound, with 60 photos, ISBN 3-85630-626-9 / 978-3-85630-626-7, hardcover Daimon

Dr Helton Godwin Baynes was C.G. Jung’s medical assistant in Zurich, becoming the eminent psychiatrist’s close friend and confidante. Baynes introduced Jungian psychology to Britain and led the English Jungian community for twenty years. He started the Jungian Analytical Psychology Club in London (APC) and laid ...

   Abt, Theodor

Theodor Abt

Introduction to Picture Interpretation According to C. G. Jung

194 pages, numerous color photos, ISBN 3-9522608-2-7 / 978-3-9522608-2-1, LivingHumanHeritage

This is the long-awaited book by Theodor Abt, who has been training analysts internationally in the art of picture interpretation since 30 years. His long experience in this field has led him to develop his own method, resulting in this book.
Some 150 color pictures accompany the text, making this book a v ...

   Jungian Odyssey Series

Intimacy: Venturing the Uncertainties of the Heart

Jungian Odyssey Series 2008, Vol. I

Isabelle Meier / Stacy Wirth / John Hill Eds.

225 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-84-0

This collection of essays is the first publication to ensue from the Jungian Odyssey, which began in 2006 and developed into an annual conference and retreat in Switzerland. The authors are Jungian training analysts and faculty members all of whom lectured at Jungian Odyssey 2008.

Addressing a broad ...

   Stein, Murray

Murray Stein

In Midlife

A Jungian Perspective

149 pages, ISBN 978-1-63051-089-3, Chiron

Drawing on myths - especially of Hermes - and analytic practice, the author notes three important elements in every midlife passage. ...

   Jacoby, Mario

Mario Jacoby

Grundformen seelischer Austauschprozesse

Jungsche Therapie und neuere Kleinkindforschung

276 Seiten, ISBN 3-85630-605-6 / 978-3-85630-605-2, Daimon

Die Grundformen menschlicher Beziehungsmuster entfalten sich im Austausch mit den ersten Bezugspersonen. Als Grundvorausetzungen jeglicher Kommunikation bleiben sie auch im erwachsenen Menschen wirksam, sind bei diesem aber durch verschiedenste Prozesse wie Abwehr oder Kompensationen überlagert. In Situationen seelisch ...

   Crowther, Catherine & Jan Wiener

Catherine Crowther & Jan Wiener Eds.

From Tradition to Innovation

Jungian Analysts Working in Different Cultural Settings

342 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-73-9 Spring

This compilation of sixteen chapters gives a fascinating account of the wide variety of experiences of Jungian analysts working in different cultures across the world – for example in Russia, China, Poland, Lithuania, South Africa and Mexico. The contributors describe and reflect on their experiences both ...

   Jaffé, Aniela

Aniela Jaffé

From the Life and Work of C.G. Jung

with a new Epilogue by Sir Laurens van der Post

200 pages, ISBN 3-85630-515-7 / 978-3-85630-515-4, Daimon

Aniela Jaffé was given permission to quote from Jung’s highly personal "Red Book," and she does so in her essay on Jung’s creative phases. Shortly before her death, the author also updated and expanded her long-famous article addressing the National Socialism accusations leveled against Jung. Sir Laurens van der Post provide ...

   Clendenen, Avis

Avis Clendenen

Experiencing Hildegard

Jungian Perspectives

201 pages, ISBN 9781888602449, Chiron

In Experiencing Hildegard, Avis Clendenen synthesizes the spirituality of Hildegard of Bingen into a fresh combination with insights from Jungian depth psychology--particularly that of the unconscious and the soul's reality.

Hildegard lives in these pages, not only through the superb analysis of a woman living in a turbulent and changing time, but also in an affirma ...

   Eranos Yearbooks

Eranos Yearbooks

Eranos Sonderband 18

Welt d. Urbilder, Festgabe für C.G. Jung zum 75. Geburtstag

432 Seiten, ISBN 3-85630-656-0 / 978-3-85630-656-4, Eranos Yearbooks

Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn Vorwort

Hans Leisegang Der Gottmensch als Archetypus

Henry Corbin Le Livre du Glorieux de Jâbir ibn Hayyân

Fritz Meier Die Welt der Urbilder bei Ali Hamadani

Gilles Quispel Anima naturaliter christiana

Gerardus van der Leeuw Unsterbl ...

   Byington, Carlos Amadeu Bothelho

Carlos Amadeu Botelho Byington

Education from the Heart

A Jungian Symbolic Perspective

355 pages, ISBN 978-1-888602-48-7, Chiron

Jungian symbolic education aims to rescue pleasure and emotion in teaching and learning and recast them as existential activities that are no longer merely rational and forgettable. It proposes the use of expressive techniques in the classroom to favor spontaneity and enhance the physical, emotional, imaginative, and creative participatio ...

   Tacey, David

David Tacey

Edge of the Sacred

Jung, Psyche, Earth

224 pages, ISBN 978-3-85630-729-5, Daimon

Does earth have spirit or soul? This is a question being asked ever more frequently, especially by those interested in the future of the natural world and the development of consciousness. The alchemists said ‘the greater part of the soul is outside the body’, and indigenous cultures have felt that soul or spirit resides in Nature and the physical environment. Such notions have been ...

   Jungian Odyssey Series

Echoes of Silence: Listening to Soul, Self, Other

Jungian Odyssey Series 2013, Vol. VI

Ursula Wirtz, Stacy Wirth, Deborah Egger, and Katy Remark - Eds.

228 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-64-7

This volume ensues from the 8th Jungian Odyssey retreat, now inspired by Kartause Ittingen, a former monastery founded in 1150, and lying some thirty miles from C.G. Jung's birthplace, Kesswil. As training analysts and scholarly guests of the International School of Analytical Psychology ...

   Giegerich, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Giegerich

Dreaming the Myth Onwards: C.G. Jung on Christianity and on Hegel - Part 2 of The Flight into the Unconscious

Collected English Papers, Volume VI

486 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-61-6, Spring

Psychology, in the view of C.G. Jung, is an inescapably subjective enterprise, its concepts and theories, practices and traditions being themselves an expression of the psyche they were developed to explain. Recognizing this, the discipline must be a critical on ...

   Fierz, Heinrich-Karl

Heinrich-Karl Fierz

Die Psychologie C.G. Jungs & die Psychiatrie

11 Farbabb., 15 s/w Illustrationen, 160 Seiten, ISBN 3-85630-010-4 / 978-3-85630-010-4, Daimon

In diesem Band, herausgegeben zum 70. Geburtstag von Heinrich Karl Fierz, sind verschiedene Aufsätze zum Problemkreis Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie vereint. Ein Arzt und Psychologe kommt zu Wort, der in fundierter, eigener und spontaner Weise seinen Patienten begegnet und in der Erkrankung oder Krise eine Chance zur W ...

   Jungian Odyssey Series

Destruction and Creation: Facing the Ambiguities of Power

Jungian Odyssey Series 2009, Vol. II

Isabelle Meier / Stacy Wirth / John Hill Eds.

225 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-06-7

This collection of essays, ensuing from the Jungian Odyssey retreat in Sils-Maria, Switzerland in 2009, views patterns of destruction and creation through the lens of C. G. Jung's analytical psychology. The authors are training analysts and guest scholars of the International School of Analytica ...

   Jung, C.G.

C.G. Jung

Das Rote Buch - Liber Novus

Hrsg. von Sonu Shamdasani

ISBN 978-3-491-42132-5, 404 pages, Deutsch, 40.6 x 31cm, zahlreiche farbige Abbildungen, Patmos

Als geheimnisvolles »Rotes Buch« ging es in die Literatur über C. G. Jung ein. Niemand bekam es zu Gesicht, da sein Urheber selbst verfügt hatte, es nicht zu veröffentlichen. Diesem Wunsch wurde entsprochen. Doch fast fünfzig Jahre nach dem Tod Jungs ist die Zeit gekommen, um dieses eindrucksvolle Werk der Öff ...

   Gudaitė, Grażina & Murray Stein

Grażina Gudaitė and Murray Stein, Eds.

Confronting Cultural Trauma

Jungian Approaches to Understanding and Healing

268 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-65-4 Spring

Since the start of the twenty-first century, Jungian psychoanalysts around the world have turned their attention toward the impact of collective traumatic events on individuals and history. In this volume, Jungian psychoanalysts from Russia, Eastern Europe, Israel, Africa, and Asia join a number of others who ...

   Eigen, Michael

Michael Eigen

Coming Through the Whirlwind

Case Studies in Jungian Therapy

274 pages, ISBN 978-1-63051-250-7, Chiron Publications

Eigen takes us through two cases in detail, including extensive dialogue and thorough background.

Michael Eigen is a psychologist and psychoanalyst. He is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis at New York University, and a Senior Member of the National Psychologica ...

   Schoenl, William

William Schoenl

C.G. Jung: His Friendships with Mary Mellon and J.B. Priestley

128 pages, ISBN 1-888602-08-2 / 978-1-888602-08-1, Chiron

In this book, which uses the letters to trace the course of these two friendships, we get a glimpse of Jung the man, with "nose and ears", as his son Franz said of him - a remarkable genius but also a man with ordinary human strivings and flaws. ...

   Serrano, Miguel

Miguel Serrano

C.G. Jung und Hermann Hesse

150 Seiten, illustriert, ISBN 3-85630-559-9 / 978-3-85630-559-8, Daimon

Miguel Serrano, ein chilenischer Diplomat, der viele Jahre lang sein Land in Indien vertreten hat und sich dort auch mit östlicher Weisheit eingehend befaßte, schildert hier in sehr persönlicher und eigenwilliger Art seine verschiedenen Begegnungen mit den beiden weltbekannten Persönlichkeiten: dem Dichter von Montagnola und dem großen Psychologen. Mit beiden ver ...

   Rowland, Susan

Susan Rowland

C.G. Jung in the Humanities

Taking the Soul's Path

190 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-02-9, Spring Journal

C. G. Jung in the Humanities offers for the first time a comprehensive analysis of the significance of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung's work to the humanities. By penetrating the secrets of the creative psyche and exploring how the individual fits into the social and psychological collective, Jung s work offers valuable contributions to cultural theory, literat ...

   Jung, C.G.

C.G. Jung

C.G. Jung im Gespräch

350 Seiten, Leinen, ISBN 3-85630-022-8 / 978-3-85630-022-7, Daimon

Mit der deutschen Herausgabe dieser wichtigen historischen Dokumente, Artikel und Interviews, die großteils hier zum ersten Mal in Buchform erscheinen, wird nicht nur eine Lücke im Gesamtwerk C.G. Jungs geschlossen, sondern auch ein faszinierender Einblick in das Leben und Denken eines Pioniers gewährt. Das Buch ist einerseits eine wertvolle Ergänzung zum geschriebenen Werk, and ...

   Serrano, Miguel

Miguel Serrano

C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse

110 pages, illustrated, ISBN 3-85630-558-0 / 978-3-85630-558-1, Daimon

Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat and writer who has travelled widely in India studying Yoga, had a close friendship with Jung and Hesse at the end of their lives. This book is the outcome of his meetings and correspondence with them. Many letters are reproduced including documents of great importance written to the author by Jung shortly before his death, explai ...

   Shamdasani, Sonu

C.G. JUNG - A Biography in Books

Edited by Sonu Shamdasani

ISBN 978-0-393-07367-6, 224 pages, 241 x 280mm,
120 color illustrations

In 1912, C.G. Jung wrote, “Should it happen that all traditions in the world were cut off with a single blow, the whole mythology and history of religion would start over again with the succeeding generation.” With this, Jung gave new understanding to the concept of world literature: that the history of human thought lay in the soul, passed from ...

   Bennet, E.A.

E.A. Bennet

C.G. Jung

192 pages, ISBN 1-888602-35-X / 978-1-888602-35-7, Chiron

E.A. Bennet’s biography of C.G. Jung went to press just before Jung’s death in 1961. Bennet met frequently with Jung. Their many talks - about Jung’s childhood, his family and the development of his ideas - yielded the material for this authorized biography. ...

   Escamilla, Michael

Michael Escamilla

Bleuler, Jung, and the Creation of the Schizophrenias

278 pages, ISBN 978-3-85630-761-5

Carl Gustav Jung began his training in his chosen career, psychiatry, in 1900. For most of the next ten years, Jung lived and worked at the Burghölzli Psychiatric Hospital in Switzerland. There, under the mentorship of the hospital’s director, Eugen Bleuler, Jung not only learned how psychiatry was practiced, but also worked to understand patients with psychotic illnesses ...

   Schweizer, Andreas / Schweizer-Schweizer-Vüllers, Regine (Eds./H


Reflexionen zur Psychologie von C.G. Jung

Herausgegeben von Andreas Schweizer & Regine Schweizer-Vüllers

368 Seiten, farbig illustriert, ISBN 978-3-85630-763-9

Der vorliegende Band enthält Originalbeiträge von C.G. Jung und Marie-Louise von Franz sowie weitere Beiträge zur analytischen Psychologie. Er erscheint als Festschrift zum hundertjährigen Bestehen des Psychologischen Clubs Zürich (1916-2016).


Vorwor ...

   Jaffé, Aniela

Aniela Jaffé

Aus C.G. Jungs letzten Jahren

160 Seiten, 2. Auflage, ISBN 3-85630-009-0 / 978-3-85630-009-8, Daimon

In diesem Buch - eine Neuerscheinung von Aufsätze zur Psychologie C G. Jungs - finden sich biographische Beiträge zur Persönlichkeit und zum Wirken C.G. Jungs. Aniela Jaffé beschreibt die Eranos-Tagungen, wo Jung alljährlich mit bedeutenden Wissenschaftlern aus verschiedenen Fachrichtungen zusammentraf, und gibt Einblick in die besondere Atmosphäre dieser interdis ...

   Stephenson, Craig

Craig E. Stephenson

Ages of Anxiety

Jung's Types as Inspiration for Poetry, Music, and Dance

162 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-75-3 Spring

Craig Stephenson draws on depth psychology to provide an original and profound study of W. H. Auden’s Pulitzer Prize winning poem, The Age of Anxiety. In this dramatic poem, Auden draws on Jung’s psychological typology to explore and develop the themes of identity and integrity in times of war. Stephenson examines Auden’s use of Jung’s c ...


Dreifuss / Riemer

Abraham - The Man and the Symbol

A Jungian Interpretation of the Biblical Story

120 pages, ISBN 0-933029-94-2 / 978-0-933029-94-1, Chiron

Israeli authors use Jungian thought for a deeper understanding of the father of Israel and Judaism. ...

   Donnchadha, Ramonn

Réamonn Ó'Donnchadha

A True Note on a Slack String

The Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh and the Psychology of Carl Jung: An Imaginal Basis for Personal Change

224 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-12-8

This book weaves together the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh and the psychology of C.G. Jung to offer an imaginal basis for individual change. It addresses key concepts which inform psychological thought, such as attachment, shadow, individuation, sexuality, masculinity, femininity, ...

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