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Stone by Stone: Reflections on the Psychology of C.G. Jung
Stone by Stone: Reflections on the Psychology of C.G. Jung
Aanavi, Michael
Abt / Hornung
Abt / Madelung
Abt / Madelung / Hofmeier
Abt / von Franz
Abt, Theodor
Abt-Baechi, Regina
Aizenstat / Boznak
Aizenstat, Stephen
Ammann, Ruth
Appelbaum, David/Kulin, Joseph
Ashton, Paul & Bloch, Stephen
Asper, Kathrin
Bach, Susan
Bachelard, Gaston / Gaudin, Colette
Bair, Deirdre
Barz, Ellynor
Baynes Jansen, Diana
Becker, Christina
Beebe, John
Begg, Deike
Begg, Ean
Bendayan, Gertrudis Ostfeld de
Bennet, E.A.
Berry, Patricia
Bishop, Paul
Bishop, Peter
Bleek & Lloyd
Boas, George
Boer, Charles
Boswell Moore, Phyllis
Brockway, Robert
Brown, Schuyler
Brutsche, Paul
Burns, Kate
Byington, Carlos Amadeu Bothelho
Cameron, Julia/Wheater, Tom
Campbell, Joseph
Casey, Edward S.
Caspari, Elizabeth
Castleman, Tess
Cater, Nancy
Cheetham, Tom
Chinen, Allan B.
Clendenen, Avis
Cobb, Edith
Collins, Alfred
Colman, Warren
Conforti, Michael
Coppin, Joseph/Nelson, Elizabeth
Corbett, Lionel
Cowan, Lyn
Crowther, Catherine & Jan Wiener
Czuczka, George
Daniel, Renate
Dass, Ram
Denes, Agnes
Dieckmann, Hans
Dodson, Laura/Gibson, Terril
Donnchadha, Ramonn
Dooling, D.M.
Downing, Christine
Drob, Sanford L.
Dyer, Donald
Ed. Ashton, Paul W.
Edelman, Sandra
Edinger, Edward F. & Dianne D. Cordic & Charles Yates
Eigen, Michael
Engelsman, Joan Chamberlain
Eranos Lectures
Eranos Yearbooks
Escamilla, Michael
Estés, Clarissa Pinkola
Evans, Ron
Evetts-Secker, Josephine
Fertel, Randy
Fierz, Heinrich-Karl
Fischli, Hans
Foster, Elizabeth Vincent
Fraim, John
Frey-Rohn, Liliane
Gallbach, Marion
Gambini, Roberto
Ganahl, Rainer
Gartner, John & Buser, Steven
Gaudissart, Imelda
Gendlin, Eugene T.
Giegerich, Wolfgang
Goldstein, Ralph
Grof, Christina
Gudaitė, Grażina & Murray Stein
Guggenbühl, Allan
Guggenbühl-Craig Adolf/Hillman James
Gustafson, Fred
Haft, Yael
Hall, Nor
Hall, Nor / Dawson, Warren R.
Hanh, Thich Nhat
Hannah, Barbara
Hannah, Barbara/von Franz, Marie-Louise
Harris, Bud
Hell, Daniel
Henderson, Joseph L.
Henderson, Robert and Janis
Herzog, Edgar
Hill, John
Hillman, James
Hillman, James/Kerényi, Karl
Hillman, James/Pozzo, Laura
Hillman, James/Sells, Ben
Hogenson, George B.
Hollis, James
Hubback, Judith
Hultkranz, Ake
Hurwitz, Siegmund
Jacoby, Mario
Jaffé, Aniela
Johns, Geoff
Jung, C.G.
Jungian Odyssey Series
Kast, Verena
Kawai, Hayao
Kearney, Michael
Kennedy Emmanuel
Kerényi, Karl
Kirsch, James
Kittelson, Mary Lynn
Klein, Yves
Kluger, Rivkah
Kluger, Yehezkel
Knapp, Bettina
Kugler, Paul
Landau, Arlene Diane
Langley-Dános, Eva
Levenson, Carl
Lewis, Penny
Lindley, Daniel A.
Lockhart, Russell A.
Loomis, Mary E.
López-Pedraza, Rafael
Luke, Helen M.
Lusseyran, Jacques
Maidenbaum, Aryeh/Martin, Stephen
Malamud, René
Mallasz, Gitta
Maram, Eve
Mathes, Charlotte
Maxwell, William
McConeghey, Howard
McGlashan, Alan
McNamee, Gregory
McNeely, Del
Meador, Betty De Shong
Meier, C.A.
Meyer, Ruth
Miller, David L.
Mogenson, Greg
Monick, Eugene
Monte, Cedrus
Moon, Beverly,
Moore, Robert L.
Moore, Thomas
Moses, Johnny
Murdock, Maureen
Nelson, Elizabeth Eowyn
Neumann, Erich
Neumann, Micha
Newton, Lara
Nicolescu, Basarab
Nuñez, Luis Manuel
Olivier, Richard
Olsen, Susan
Ortiz Hill, Michael
Ortiz Hill, Michael /Kandemwa, Augustine
Ottmann, Klaus
Paris, Ginette
Pattis Zoja, Eva
Perlman, Michael
Perry, John Weir
Polikoff, Daniel
Psychological Perspectives
Pyle, Howard
Rabinowitz, Jacob
Redfearn, Joseph
Reid, Jane
Reis, Patricia
Reis, Patricia/Snow, Susan
Restany, Pierre
Reutter, Angelika
Rilke, Rainer-Maria
Robertson, Seonaid
Rockwood Hudson, Joyce
Rodman, Selden/Cleaver, Carole
Romanyshyn, Robert D.
Ronca, Erna
Rosa, Armando Nascimento
Rosen, Steven M.
Ross, Lena B./Roy, Manisha
Rothenberg, Rose-Emily
Rowland, Susan
Rutter, Virginia Beane
Rutter, Virginia Beane & Singer, Thomas
Sanford, John A.
Schenk, Ronald
Schierse Leonard, Linda
Schoen, David E.
Schoenl, William
Scholem, Gershom
Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
Schweizer, Andreas / Schweizer-Schweizer-Vüllers, Regine (Eds./H
Sells, Benjamin
Senensky, Sylvia
Serrano, Miguel
Seward, Barbara
Shalit, Erel & Stein, Murray
Shamdasani, Sonu
Shorter, Bani
Shulman, Helene
Singer, Thomas
Skogemann, Pia
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Corbett, Lionel Ed
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Slater, Glen
Snider, Clifton
Solie, Pierre
Spengler, Ernst
Spoto, Angelo
Spring Journal
Stanford, W.B.
Stanton, Marlan
Stein, Murray
Stein, Murray/Corbett, Lionel
Stein, Murray/Hollwitz, John
Stein, Robert
Stephenson, Craig
Stern, Arno
Sullivan, Barbara Stevens
Sullivan, Lawrence E.
Swan, Wendy
Tacey, David
Tarnas, Richard
TePaske, Bradley A.
Thoreau, Henry David
Tiberghien, Susan
Tkacz, Virlana
Todd, Peter B.
Ulanov, Ann & Barry
Ulanov, Ann Belford
van der Post, Laurens
van Waveren, Erlo
Ventura, Michael
Vogt, Gregory Max
von Franz / Frey-Rohn / Jaffé
von Franz, Marie-Louise
Watkins, Mary
Watts, Alan
Wertenschlag-Birkhäuser, Eva
Westman, Heinz / Tillich, Paul
Wilmer, Harry
Wolff, Toni
Woolger, Roger
Zarrow, Sheila Dickman
Zoja / Williams
Zoja, Luigi

Displaying 1 to 31 of 31 titles. ebooks are available via Google Play, Amazon and Apple iTunes Result Pages:  1 
    Authors    Title 
   Watts, Alan

Alan Watts


1 cassette, ISBN 0-87773-564-6 / 978-0-87773-564-9, Shambhala

Watts’ integration of religious, cultural and spiritual philosophies from around the world serves as the basis, evoking the subjects of illusion and self-discovery. ...

   Thoreau, Henry David

Henry David Thoreau

Walden or Life in the Woods

2 cassettes, ISBN 0-87773-681-2 / 978-0-87773-681-3, Shambhala

A recording of some of the most powerful passages from Thoreau’s writings. The message of living simply and in communion with Nature reverberates throughout this two hour cassette, read by actor Michael O’ Keefe. ...


Ritsema / Karcher

The Eranos Yi Ching

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-879816-07-5 / 978-1-879816-07-7, Spring Publications

In these recorded talks, Ritsema and Karcher of the Eranos Foundation have woven together a series of essays which explain the psychology, history and practical use of the Yi Ching in a clear and coherent manner. ...

   Moses, Johnny

Johnny Moses

Octopus Lady and Crow

and other Animal People Stories of the Northwest Coast

1 audio cassette, 60 minutes, ISBN 0-930407-34-2 / 978-0-930407-34-6, Parabola

Both children and adults will enjoy these vivid and often hilarious traditional stories about what can happen to know-it-alls and to children who don’t listen to their elders, why day and night come as they do, and why it is better to be kind, told with a humorous assortment of human and animal voices and sound ...

   Moore, Thomas

Thomas Moore

Soul Life

6 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-248-9 / 978-1-56455-248-8, Sounds True

Created in the tradition of monastic "retreat", this in-depth session with Thomas Moore leads us to the farthest reaches of the complex realm we know as the "soul". 8 hours/6 cassettes. ...

   Moore, Thomas

Thomas Moore

On Creativity

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-236-5 / 978-1-56455-236-5, Sounds True

With a sweeping command of art and history, this bestselling author defines a way of living that nourishes the creative spirit while bringing awe and beauty to the smallest details in your daily life. ...

   Lusseyran, Jacques

Jacques Lusseyran

And There Was Light

3 audio cassettes, 270 minutes, ISBN 0-930407-27-X / 978-0-930407-27-8, tape Parabola

Read by Andre Gregory. Blinded at age eight, Lusseyran nevertheless became an important student leader in the French Resistance, was arrested by the Gestapo, and survived imprisonment at Buchenwald. This spellbinding and inspirational memoir reveals to us his unique experience of blindness. For Lusseyran, becoming blind brought an extraordinary gift of "i ...

   Luke, Helen M.

Helen M. Luke

The Way of Woman and Other Essays

2 audio cassettes read by the author, 190 minutes, ISBN 0-930407-32-6 / 978-0-930407-32-2, Parabola

Contents: TAPE 1: The Perennial Feminine; The Bridge of Humility; Levels; The Cat Archetype; Demeter and Kore. TAPE 2: An African Tale; Eowyn; The Marriage Vow; Inner Relationship and Community. ...

   Luke, Helen M.

Helen M. Luke

Old Age: Journey into Simplicity

Two 90-minute audio cassettes, ISBN 0-930407-26-1 / 978-0-930407-26-1, tape Parabola

Helen Luke puts old age into the context it deserves: a time of spiritual clarity, when the flame of life-meaning burns brightest. (Also available as a book) ...

   Johns, Geoff

Geoff Johns

How to Play the Rhythms of Africa...

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-096-6 / 978-1-56455-096-5, Sounds True

How to play the rhythms and percussion structures of Ghana, Cuba, Guinea, Haiti, and Brazil. Exercises are designed so you can play along with them, learning as you go. ...

   Hillman, James/Sells, Ben

James Hillman / Ben Sells


A Conversation with James Hillman and Ben Sells

1 cassette, ISBN 1-879816-19-9 / 978-1-879816-19-0, Spring Publications

Join Hillman and Sells at the crossroads of psychology, philosophy, passion, and politics as they engage these and other topics in a lively and warm spirited conversation about the myth of America. ...

   Hillman, James

James Hillman

The Death of Oedipus

The Decline of Analysis

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-879816-05-9 / 978-1-879816-05-3, Spring Publications

Hillman takes on the Oedipal ideas of psychoanalysis and its father, Freud. He exposes analysis and its myth of the search for identity which is still with us, is still binding us, is still trying to turn people into Oedipus on both sides of the analytical couch. ...

   Hillman, James

James Hillman

A Blue Fire

Part 2

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-879816-02-4 / 978-1-879816-02-2, Spring Publications


   Hillman, James

James Hillman

Going Bugs

1 cassette, ISBN 1-879816-00-8 / 978-1-879816-00-8, Spring Publications

Hillman explains the fear of "going bugs" and the importance of insects in our psychic ecology. Besides interpreting dozens of bug dreams, he proposes a radical bugging which can squash the toxic obsessions of our pesticidal ego. ...

   Hanh, Thich Nhat

Thich Nhat Hanh

Teachings on Love

Find the Miracle of Authentic Love

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-359-0 / 978-1-56455-359-1, Sounds True

These tapes provides a time-proven path that anyone can follow to nurture sound, fulfilling relationships. ...

   Hanh, Thich Nhat

Thich Nhat Hanh

Touching the Earth

The 5 Prostrations & Deep Relaxation Meditations

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-278-0 / 978-1-56455-278-5, Sounds True

Contents: The Five Prostrations, plus a Sixth Prostration for those born into another spiritual tradition; releasing the sense of separation; songs in English and Vietnamese; and much more. ...

   Hanh, Thich Nhat

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Present Moment

A Retreat on the Practice of Mindfulness

6 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-252-7 / 978-1-56455-252-5, Sounds True

Here is a rare opportunity to learn some Buddhist wisdom practices directly from a living master of the Buddhist tradition - practices which are life-changing today, just as they were thousands of years ago. ...

   Hanh, Thich Nhat

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Practice of Mindfulness in Psychotherapy

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-067-2 / 978-1-56455-067-5, Sounds True

This presentation, especially directed towards psychotherapists, discusses methods of discovering and maintaining an inner peacefulness, so as to better help others with their needs. ...

   Hanh, Thich Nhat

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Art of Mindful Living

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-006-0 / 978-1-56455-006-4, Sounds True

Recorded during a five-day meditation retreat led by the Buddhist master and Nobel Prize nominee, Thich Nhat Hanh, the importance of bringing mindful awareness into all aspects of our daily life is revealed. ...

   Guggenbühl-Craig Adolf/Hillman James

Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig & James Hillman

The Emptied Soul

1 cassette, ISBN 1-879816-16-4 / 978-1-879816-16-9, Spring Publications

Why do psychopaths exert such fascinations on us? From Blackbeard the pirate to Billy the Kid, John Dillinger and Ted Bundy, psychopaths have stirred feelings of seduction and terror for us. Do eros or morality have some kind of connection with psychopathy? Are those feelings part of something in us that allows the most violen ...

   Grof, Christina

Christina Grof

Addiction as Spiritual Emergency

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-056-7 / 978-1-56455-056-9, Sounds True

Speaking as a recovering addict, Christina Grof leads a discussion on addiction as being a state of misguided spiritual yearning. ...

   Evans, Ron

Ron Evans

Inktomi and The Ducks

and other Assiniboin Trickster Stories

1 audio cassette, 60 minutes, ISBN 0-930407-33-4 / 978-0-930407-33-9, Parabola

Inktomi, selfish bumbler, troublemaker, and one of the liveliest characters in Assiniboin mythology, is brought to life in these stories by native storyteller Ron Evans. Inktomi’s unlikely and humorous approaches to relationships, telling the truth and problem-solving are always the children’s favorites. ...

   Estés, Clarissa Pinkola

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Faithful Gardener

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-354-X / 978-1-56455-354-6, Sounds True

On this tape, the author mines the rich storytelling tradition of her own family to unearth a series of lyrical stories that illustrate how faith is the one immortal force in our lives. ...

   Estés, Clarissa Pinkola

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Theatre of the Imagination Vol. II

6 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-353-1 / 978-1-56455-353-9, Sounds True


   Estés, Clarissa Pinkola

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Theatre of the Imagination Vol. I

6 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-351-5 / 978-1-56455-351-5, Sounds True

On this new 12-part performance series, the author shares the work of her lifetime: myths, tales and poetry with the power to nourish and heal. ...

   Estés, Clarissa Pinkola

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Creative Fire

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-023-0 / 978-1-56455-023-1, Sounds True

Especially for people who must create for a living - artists, writers, teachers and anyone else who must depend on their creative powers every day. ...

   Dass, Ram

Ram Dass

Death is not an Outrage

1 cassette, ISBN 1-56455-120-2 / 978-1-56455-120-7, Sounds True

Ram Dass, cherished healer and philosopher, brings to light the act of dying as a form of spiritual awakening in this revealing 90 minute cassette. ...

   Dass, Ram

Ram Dass

The Path of Service

2 cassettes, ISBN 1-56455-032-X / 978-1-56455-032-3, Sounds True

In this live recording, Ram Dass devotes his message to the profound spiritual satisfaction that comes from helping others. ...

   Campbell, Joseph

Joseph Campbell

The Power of Myth

6 audio cassettes, 60 min. each, boxed set, ISBN 1-56176-020-X / 978-1-56176-020-6, Parabola

The Emmy Award-winning six-volume masterwork with Bill Moyers. This nationally acclaimed, 6-hour PBS series is an inspiring journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers. Their conversations explore the great common themes in the stories, legends and religi ...

   Cameron, Julia/Wheater, Tom

Julia Cameron / Tom Wheater

This Earth

245 pages + CD, approx. 70 min., ISBN 1-56455-553-4 / 978-1-56455-553-3, CD Sounds True

This CD fuses Cameron’s poetry with a delicate "planetary mass" by virtuoso flautist and composer Tim Wheater. A rich celebration of language and melody that evokes the past and future of our bodies and our earth. ...

   Boer, Charles

Charles Boer

Ovid’s Metamorphoses

1 tape, 1 hr., ISBN 1-879816-13-X / 978-1-879816-13-8, tape Spring Publications

The classic tales of Western mythology come to life in a striking new translation. Ovid’s Metamorphoses has always been recognized as the greatest single narration of what the myth world of antiquity looked, thought and felt like at its climax. ...

Displaying 1 to 31 of 31 titles. ebooks are available via Google Play, Amazon and Apple iTunes Result Pages:  1 
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Healing Dream and Ritual -   Ancient Incubation and Modern Psychotherapy
Healing Dream and Ritual is one of the most significant and lasting witnesses of how far beyond immediate psychology the implications of Jung’s work stretches. This book is, in my feeling, as important for today’s healers as was the early work of Paracelsus t ..
5 of 5 Stars!

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