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Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales in Japan
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Gudaitė, Grażina & Murray Stein
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Gustafson, Fred
Haft, Yael
Hall, Nor
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Hannah, Barbara
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Hell, Daniel
Henderson, Joseph L.
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Herzog, Edgar
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Hogenson, George B.
Hollis, James
Hubback, Judith
Hultkranz, Ake
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Kast, Verena
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Malamud, René
Mallasz, Gitta
Maram, Eve
Mathes, Charlotte
Maxwell, William
McConeghey, Howard
McGlashan, Alan
McNamee, Gregory
McNeely, Del
Meador, Betty De Shong
Meier, C.A.
Meyer, Ruth
Miller, David L.
Mogenson, Greg
Monick, Eugene
Monte, Cedrus
Moon, Beverly,
Moore, Robert L.
Moore, Thomas
Moses, Johnny
Murdock, Maureen
Nelson, Elizabeth Eowyn
Neumann, Erich
Neumann, Micha
Newton, Lara
Nicolescu, Basarab
Nuñez, Luis Manuel
Olivier, Richard
Olsen, Susan
Ortiz Hill, Michael
Ortiz Hill, Michael /Kandemwa, Augustine
Ottmann, Klaus
Paris, Ginette
Pattis Zoja, Eva
Perlman, Michael
Perry, John Weir
Polikoff, Daniel
Psychological Perspectives
Pyle, Howard
Rabinowitz, Jacob
Redfearn, Joseph
Reid, Jane
Reis, Patricia
Reis, Patricia/Snow, Susan
Restany, Pierre
Reutter, Angelika
Rilke, Rainer-Maria
Robertson, Seonaid
Rockwood Hudson, Joyce
Rodman, Selden/Cleaver, Carole
Romanyshyn, Robert D.
Ronca, Erna
Rosa, Armando Nascimento
Rosen, Steven M.
Ross, Lena B./Roy, Manisha
Rothenberg, Rose-Emily
Rowland, Susan
Rutter, Virginia Beane
Rutter, Virginia Beane & Singer, Thomas
Sanford, John A.
Schenk, Ronald
Schierse Leonard, Linda
Schoen, David E.
Schoenl, William
Scholem, Gershom
Schwartz-Salant, Nathan
Schweizer, Andreas / Schweizer-Schweizer-Vüllers, Regine (Eds./H
Sells, Benjamin
Senensky, Sylvia
Serrano, Miguel
Seward, Barbara
Shalit, Erel & Stein, Murray
Shamdasani, Sonu
Shorter, Bani
Shulman, Helene
Singer, Thomas
Skogemann, Pia
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Corbett, Lionel Ed
Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Slater, Glen
Snider, Clifton
Solie, Pierre
Spengler, Ernst
Spoto, Angelo
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Tkacz, Virlana
Todd, Peter B.
Ulanov, Ann & Barry
Ulanov, Ann Belford
van der Post, Laurens
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Ventura, Michael
Vogt, Gregory Max
von Franz / Frey-Rohn / Jaffé
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Watkins, Mary
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Wertenschlag-Birkhäuser, Eva
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Zoja / Williams
Zoja, Luigi
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   Miller, David L.

David L. Miller

Hells & Holy Ghosts

A Theopoetics of Christian Belief

238 pages, ISBN 1-882670-97-3 / 978-1-882670-97-0, Spring Publications

Among the more puzzling and difficult beliefs in the Christian tradition are the twin notions that Jesus, after his death, made a journey to the interior of the earth to a place called hell, and that the dead have an active life in the form of ghosts. Miller’s unique contribution lies in his ability to connect archetypal motifs with famil ...

   Miller, David L.

David L. Miller

Three Faces of God

Traces of the Trinity in Literature and Life

197 pages, ISBN 1-882670-94-9 / 978-1-882670-94-9, Spring Publications

"How is it possible to understand a oneness that is three? or a threeness that is, at bottom, one? Even more problematic, how might a person believe in a God that insists on being imagined monotheistically (as one), but who persists in manifesting himself in history polytheistically (as three)?

"In spite of the difficulties, e ...

   Miller, David L.

David L. Miller


Meditations on Archetypal Images in Christian Theology

249 pages, ISBN 1-882670-93-0 / 978-1-882670-93-2, Spring Publications

Behind the doctrine of Christ, who is thought of in the image of the Good Shepherd, there is not only pan, the god of ’pastoral’ care, but also Polyphemos, the one-eyed monster. Behind Christ the Great Teacher there is not only Socrates, but also Silenos, lying drunk in a deep cave of myth. The images, the shades of the gods, ar ...

   Mogenson, Greg

Greg Mogenson

Psychology's Dream of the Courtroom

228 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-77-7, Spring Publications

Psychology and the law have long maintained a collegial association with one another as adjacent disciplines. In the criminal justice system, for example, psychologists and psychiatrists serve regularly as expert witnesses, providing insight into the motivations and mental status of accused and convicted persons. But what about the reverse of this relation? What contribution ...

   Mogenson, Greg

Greg Mogenson

Northern Gnosis

160 pages, ISBN 1-882670-90-6 / 978-1-882670-90-1, Spring Publications

In this book the writings of Freud and Jung are examined in the light of Norse mythology: ideas sch as psychic reality, ego-ideal, participation mystique and kinship libido are seen as mythological, in the figures of Thor, Baldr and the Volsungs. Illuminated in this way, the founding texts of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology are shown to be a veritable pantheon of God- ...

   Mogenson, Greg

Greg Mogenson

A Most Accursed Religion

When a Trauma becomes God

200 pages, ISBN 0-88214-552-5 / 978-0-88214-552-5, Spring Publications

Mogenson’s aim is to focus attention on the religious dimension of the psychology of those overwhelming events we describe as traumatic. Whether a divine being exists or not, the psychological fact remains that we tend to experience traumatic events as if they were divine. ...

   Mogenson, Greg

Greg Mogenson

God Is a Trauma

Vicarious Religion and Soul-Making

167 pages, ISBN 0-88214-339-5 / 978-0-88214-339-2, Spring Publications

Greg Mogenson brings religion and psychology together by presenting a theology of soul, rather than of the spirit. ...

   Monick, Eugene

Eugene Monick

Evil, Sexuality, and Disease in Gruenewald’s Body of Christ

189 pages, ISBN 0-88214-356-5 / 978-0-88214-356-9, Spring Publications

AIDS, venereal afflictions and a shocking rise in puritanical fanaticism have become world epidemics. ...

   Monte, Cedrus

Cedrus Monte

Corpus Anima

Reflections from the Unity of Body and Soul

190 pages, ISBN 978-1-63051-365-8, Chiron Publications

Corpus Anima is a collection of previously published essays written for professional Jungian journals about the unity of psyche and soma, spirit and matter, body and soul. There are also two chapters of more personal reflections, previously unpublished, including a series of articles on the mid-Atlantic Azorean Archipelago. The essays on psyche ...

   Moon, Beverly,

Beverly, Moon Ed.

An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism Vol. 1

The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

510 pages, color illustrations, ISBN 1-57062-250-7 / 978-1-57062-250-2, Shambhala

120 full-page color photographs of art works and artifacts of the sacred traditions of the world, from ancient times to the present. The images are grouped into archetypal themes such as Cosmos and Creation, Sacred Animals, Goddesses, Gods, The Divine Child, and others. Accompanying ...

   Moore, Robert L.

Robert L. Moore

Facing the Dragon

Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity

248 pages, ISBN 1-888602-21-X / 978-1-888602-21-0, Chiron

If you would understand the deepest roots of terrorism, greed, and religious fanaticism, read Facing the Dragon. Bot be forewarned: you may find some offshoots in your own garden. - June Singer.

   Moore, Thomas

Thomas Moore

Dark Eros

The Imagination of Sadism

190 pages, ISBN 0-88214-343-3 / 978-0-88214-343-9, Spring Publications

From thousands of pages of the Marquis de Sade’s fiction, Moore crystallizes the "Sadeian imagination,’ revealing the hidden soul values in the shocking phenomena of sado-masochism. ...

   Murdock, Maureen

Maureen Murdock

Fathers’ Daughters:

Breaking the Ties That Bind

258 pages, ISBN 0-791465-93-4 / 978-0-791465-93-6, Spring Publications

Through myth, fairy tale, case studies, and Jungian psychology, bestselling author Maureen Murdock explores the unique relationship between a "father’s daughter" and her father, its rewards and pitfalls, and how this idealized relationship affects the mother-daughter bond. ...

   Nelson, Elizabeth Eowyn

Elizabeth Eowyn Nelson

Psyche's Knife

Archetypal Explorations of Love and Power

192 pages, ISBN 978-1-888602-53-1

Psyche's Knife examines the myth of Eros and Psyche as a metaphor for the development of soul in the psychology of women, explicating the tropes of love and power as depicted by Psyche's use of a knife in attempting to learn the identity of her lover.

Nelson examines the metaphor of the knife from all angles—alchemical, sacrificial, lunar, phallic—and ...

   Neumann, Erich

Erich Neumann

Jacob & Esau: On the Collective Symbolism of the Brother Motif

184 pages, ISBN 9781630512163, Chiron

In 1934, Erich Neumann, considered by many to have been Carl Gustav Jung’s foremost disciple, sent Jung a handwritten note: “I will pursue your suggestion of elaborating on the ‘Symbolic Contributions’ to the Jacob-Esau problem . . . The great difficulty is the rather depressing impossibility of a publication.” Now, 80 years later, in Jacob and Esau: On the Collective ...

   Neumann, Erich

Erich Neumann

Depth Psychology and a New Ethic

195 pages, ISBN 978-0-87773-571-7, Shambhala

"Neumann argues his case with a boldness and passion well matched by his penetrating insights and thoughtfulness. I welcome this book as the first notable attempt to formulate the ethical problems raised by the discovery of the unconscious and to make them a subject of discussion." (C.G. Jung) ...

   Neumann, Micha

Micha Neumann

The Relationship Between C. G. Jung and Erich Neumann Based on Their Correspondence

86 pages, ISBN 978-3-63051-219-4, Chiron Publications

With the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party in Germany, Erich Neumann, who had just finished his medical studies, was forbidden, as were all his Jewish colleagues, from completing his final practicum year and obtaining his medical degree. He took his small family and left Germany in 1933 to work wit ...

   Newton, Lara

Lara Newton

Brothers and Sisters

Discovering the Psychology of Companionship

310 pages, ISBN 1-882670-71-X / 978-1-882670-71-0, Spring Publications

This work explores the psychological meaning of the brothers-sister connection both externally in the world of interpersonal and cultural relationships and internally in the relationship between conscious and unconscious, masculine and feminine.. ...

   Nicolescu, Basarab

Basarab Nicolescu

Science, Meaning, and Evolution

The Cosmology of Jacob Boehme

236 pages; 20 full-page engravings, ISBN 0-930407-20-2 / 978-0-930407-20-9, hardcover Parabola

Translated by Rob Baker. This is an incisive study by a contemporary scientist and scholar of the startling correspondences between the ideas of modern quantum physics and the cosmology of Jacob Boehme, an early 17th-century Christian mystic. Basarab Nicolescu presents both these mysterious realms - the op ...

   Nuñez, Luis Manuel

Luis Manuel Nuñez


A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribean Magic

163 pages, ISBN 0-88214-349-2 / 978-0-88214-349-1, Spring Publications

As the Latino migration into the United States grows, Santeria will become more and more part of American life. Yet, these rituals are a major assault on the Western mind and its established ideas of religion. ...

   Olivier, Richard

Richard Olivier

Melting the Stone

A Journey around my Father

228 pages, ISBN 0-88214-370-0 / 978-0-88214-370-5, Spring Publications

This is a personal story, but the events in it describe common experiences of thousands of men around the world. It was written from the perspective of a son trying to come to terms with his past in order to live more fully in the present, and look more clearly into the future. ...

   Olsen, Susan

Susan Olsen

By Grief Transformed

Dreams and the Mourning Process

275 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-77-2

In her first year of training at the C.G. Jung Institute (Zurich), Susan Olson suffered the loss of her college-age daughter in a hit-and-run auto accident. By Grief Transformed describes her journey through mourning, guided by a series of vivid and startling dreams. Jung's definition of the dream as "a harbinger of fate, a portent and comforter, the messenger of the gods ...

   Ortiz Hill, Michael

Michael Ortiz Hill

Dreaming the End of the World

Apocalypse as a Rite of Passage

210 pages, ISBN 0-88214-556-8 / 978-0-88214-556-3, Spring Publications

This book prepares the reader to enter the millenial landscape as the year 2000 looms. Hill uncovers the archetypal elements that make up the Bomb and other catastrophe fantasies, showing the myths that rule our fears and hopes, in the past and still today. ...

   Ortiz Hill, Michael

Michael Ortiz Hill

The Village of the Water Spirits

The Dreams of African Americans

210 pages, ISBN 0-88214-553-3 / 978-0-88214-553-2, Spring Publications

Weaving scholarship and interviews with the Shona edicine man Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa, Ortiz Hill offers the recogition that, at the most intimated level, Africa has kept faith with the African-American soul.
"Using material from Bantu philosophy and the dreams of black people in North America and Africa, Michael Orti ...

   Ortiz Hill, Michael /Kandemwa, Augustine

Michael Ortiz Hill / Augustine Kandemwa

Gathering in the Names

A Journey into the Land of African Gods

128 pages, ISBN 1-882670-23-X / 978-1-882670-23-9, Spring Publications

There are magician-healers afoot upon the Earth again, and this book tells the wondrous story of wo of them. An American and his African spiritual twin brother discover their shared destiny in pwerful dreams, and when they meet, initiate each other into the ancient ways of working with the ancestors and s ...

   Ottmann, Klaus

Klaus Ottmann

Thought Through my Eyes

Writing about Art 1984-2004

224 pages, ISBN 0-88214-578-9 / 978-0-88214-578-5, Spring Publications

In this volume, the acclaimed art critic and curator Ottoman has gathered his published essays on art essays that combine the author’s background as a philosoper with the vision and ideas of contemporary artists. ...

   Ottmann, Klaus

Klaus Ottmann

The Genius Decision

The Extraordinary and the Postmodern Condition

188 pages, ISBN 0-88214-575-4 / 978-0-88214-575-4, Spring Publications

The author of numerous books and essays on artists ranging from Michelangelo to Mark Rothko presents a postmodern reevaluation of genius – the disruption of the ordinary, by artists and writers, that cannot be explained solely in geographical, cultural, or formal terms. ...

   Paris, Ginette

Ginette Paris

Pagan Grace

Dionysus, Hermes, and Goddess Memory

152 pages, ISBN 0-88214-342-5 / 978-0-88214-342-2, Spring Publications

The ancient gods still grace daily life. Dionysus drives the soul through the sexual body, the intensity sought in drink and drugs, the playing of roles. ...

   Paris, Ginette

Ginette Paris

Pagan Meditations

The Worlds of Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia

204 pages, ISBN 0-88214-330-1 / 978-0-88214-330-9, Spring Publications

As imaginative feminism, this book addresses both the meditative interior of each person and the community of culture. ...

   Perlman, Michael

Michael Perlman

The Power of Trees

The Reforesting of the Soul

265 pages, ISBN 0-88214-362-X / 978-0-88214-362-0, Spring Publications

This book is the first to connect the symbolism of trees with the personal meaning of their beauty - and their loss in hurricanes, clear-cut timberlands, tract housing and war zones. Perlman, an originator of Archetypal Ecology, goes beyond the psychological interpretations of trees in myth and legend to interview and report what actual people t ...

   Perry, John Weir

John Weir Perry

The Far Side of Madness

224 pages, ISBN 0-88214-557-6 / 978-0-88214-557-0, Spring Publications

This book discusses messianic callings, creativity and finally a philosophy and method of treatment. ...

   Polikoff, Daniel

Daniel Polikoff

In the Image of Orpheus

Rilke — A Soul History

759 pages, ISBN 978-1-888602-52-4

In the Image of Orpheus tells the inner story of Rilke's literary career, tracing—step by step—the mythopoetic journey inscribed in the interweaving lines of the poet's life and art. Blending biography with in-depth analyses of Rilke's poetry and prose (from his little-known Visions of Christ through the Sonnets to Orpheus), the lively narrative draws upon ...

   Pyle, Howard

Howard Pyle

The Garden Behind the Moon

The Real Story of the Moon Angel

176 pages; over 30 illustrations, ISBN 0-930407-22-9 / 978-0-930407-22-3, paperback Parabola

First in Parabola’s series of classical books based on stories and tales for children, this is a wonderful fantasy tale that will appeal to both children and adults. Long out-of-print, it is the story of a lonely boy who discovers the secret path to the moon. ...

   Rabinowitz, Jacob

Jacob Rabinowitz

The Faces of God

Canaanite Mythology as Hebrew Theology

116 pages, ISBN 0-88214-117-1 / 978-0-88214-117-6, Spring Publications

The Hebrew Bible stole with both hands from Canaanite myth. The Bible is full of Pagan mythology and here you will find it cited in full: the sky-gods, world-mountains, war-goddesses and chaos-dragons, the hydra-head faces of God. ...

   Redfearn, Joseph

Joseph Redfearn

The Exploding Self

The Creative and Destructive Nucleus of the Personality

312 pages, ISBN 0-933029-60-8 / 978-0-933029-60-6, Chiron

There may be in each of us an impulse, however occasional, to destroy the world with its evil, its problems and conflicts. ...

   Reis, Patricia

Patricia Reis

Doughters of Saturn

From Father’s Daughter to Creative Woman

358 pages, ISBN 1-882670-32-9 / 978-1-882670-32-1, Spring Publications

Patricia Reis examines the father-daughter relationship with a focus on the father’s effect on a woman’s creative life. Beginning with Saturn-the archetypal devouring and melancholic father - and moving through myth, dreams, and woman’s experience, Reis explores the many ways that contemporary Daughters of Saturn have come to underst ...

   Reis, Patricia/Snow, Susan

Patricia Reis / Susan Snow

The Dreaming Way

Dreamwork and Art for Remembring and Recovery

174 Illustrations: 60 color 25 lineart, ISBN 1-888602-11-2 / 978-1-888602-11-1, Chiron

This beautifully designed and illustrated book records a two-year therapeutic collaboration between two women.


   Restany, Pierre

Pierre Restany

Yves Klein

Fire at the Heart of the Void

132 pages, 32 color plates, ISBN 1-88214-564-X / 978-1-88214-564-5, Spring Publications

No one embraced color more radically than the French conceptual artist and "painter of the Void" Yves Klein (1928-1962) who, by leaping into the empty space of his blue monochromes, broke with every tradition of painting in ways that have yet to be fully appreciated.


   Robertson, Seonaid

Seonaid Robertson

Rosegarden and Labyrinth

216 pages. Illustrations, index, ISBN 0-88214-319-0 / 978-0-88214-319-4, Spring Publications

A classic work in art education by one of the field’s most thoughtful practitioners. ...

   Rockwood Hudson, Joyce

Joyce Rockwood Hudson

Natural Spirituality

308 pages, ISBN 1-893383-55-5 / 978-1-893383-55-5, Chiron

Natural Spirituality moves Jungian dream work from the professional world of the analyst’s office into the everyday world of the laity in the local church. ...

   Rodman, Selden/Cleaver, Carole

Selden Rodman / Carole Cleaver

Spirits of the Night

The Vaudun Gods of Haiti

144 pages, ISBN 0-88214-354-9 / 978-0-88214-354-5, Spring Publications

This book is a comprehensive study of a living polytheistic culture and religion. ...

   Romanyshyn, Robert D.

Robert D. Romanyshyn

The Wounded Researcher:

Research with Soul in Mind

360 pages, ISBN 1-882670-47-7 / 978-1-882670-47-5, Spring Publications

Romanyshyn reimagines depth psychology as a praxis of ’research that keeps soul in mind’ in several ways at once: as a practice of mourning what has been lost in one’s experience; as an alchemical hermeneutics that consists in transference dialogues with one’s unconscious psyche; and as an ethics of selfexamination by the researcher tha ...


Craig San Roque, Amanda Dowd, and David Tacey, Editors

Placing Psyche

Exploring Cultural Complexes in Australia

362 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-17-3

From Spring's Analytical Psychology & Contemporary Culture Series

Series Editor: Thomas Singer

Placing Psyche is the first in a series of books that will explore the notion of cultural complexes in a variety of settings around the world. The continent of Australia is the focus of this inaugural volume in w ...

   Rosa, Armando Nascimento

Armando Nascimento Rosa

Mary of Magdala

A Gnostic Fable

136 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-52-9, Chiron

Mary of Magdala is inspired by a dissident Christian legend that had its origins in Provence. The drama takes place one night in the year 54 A.D., in Marseille, when Mary's voice is being isolated in a Church where the doctrine of Paul of Tarsus increasingly helps blot out the important role played by female preachers during the first two centuries of the Christian era. ...

   Rosa, Armando Nascimento

Armando Nascimento Rosa

An Oedipus - The Untold Story

A Ghostly Mythodrama in one Act

126 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-38-3, Spring Journal

Where Freud made incest the defining feature of the Oedipus complex, Rosa, inspired by C.G. Jung, looks beyond the complex to its archetypal roots. Probing deeper into the tragic hero's family history, Rosa finds the source of the doomed man's fate in the now-forgotten crime of his father, Laius. namely, Laius's abduction and attempt ...

   Rosen, Steven M.

Steven M. Rosen

Dreams, Death, Rebirth

A Topological Odyssey Into Alchemy's Hidden Dimensions

270 pages, ISBN 978-1-63051-083-1, Chiron Publications

Our greatest certainty and greatest mystery is our mortality. In this book, Steven M. Rosen explores the profound mystery of alchemical death and rebirth from psychological, philosophical, and alchemical perspectives. To model, embody, and contain the paradoxical transformations involved in the death-rebirth enigma, Ro ...

   Ross, Lena B./Roy, Manisha

Lena B. Ross / Manisha Roy (Eds.)

Cast the First Stone

Ethics in Analytical Practice

146 pages, ISBN 0-933029-89-6 / 978-0-933029-89-7, Chiron

This book offers twenty different viewpoints on both the debate and its subject in an attempt to stimulate dialogue and move toward further understanding of the difficult reality of ethical behavior in analysis. With a Foreword by Adolph Guggenbühl-Craig. ...

   Rothenberg, Rose-Emily

Rose-Emily Rothenberg

The Jewel in the Wound

216 pages, paperback with color illustrations, ISBN 1-888602-16-3 / 978-1-888602-16-6, Chiron

This is the compelling story of how the author’s disfiguring scars guided her search for a connectio to the mother who died at her birth. In this process, the scars became the sacred jewels that illuminated the pathway of self-understanding. As a journey of the soul, the book includes dreams, art work and active imagination - all ways of a ...

   Rothenberg, Rose-Emily

Rose-Emily Rothenberg

An Orphan’s Odyssey

Sacred Journeys to Renewal

232 pages, full-color interior, ISBN 978-1-63051-195-1, Chiron Publications

In An Orphan’s Odyssey, Rose-Emily Rothenberg explores the images and symbols that appeared in the stories, myths, and dreams surrounding her travels to Africa, reconnecting her to ancestors, both human and animal, who helped her access her cultural roots. In giving voice to these, she renews her connection to the Self and t ...

   Rowland, Susan

Susan Rowland

The Sleuth and the Goddess

Hestia, Artemis, Athena, And Aphrodite in Women’s Detective Fiction

260 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-70-8 Spring

Detective fiction is compelling–once started it has to be finished: The Sleuth and the Goddess is no less gripping. In this riveting book Susan Rowland is part detective, part analyst, and always a brilliant literary critic. She adroitly reveals how detection is one of the central myths of the modern psyche. The crime ...

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Talking with Angels
I could read it over and over again and never get tired of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this book with me. - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross ..
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