• Parabola 31:3 -   Thinking as Prayer


Parabola 31:3

Thinking as Prayer

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Thinking Volume 31, Number 3 IN THIS ISSUE YOU WILL FIND: "Crawling Through Chaos" Mark Magill A firefighter’s meditation "Thinking as Prayer" Christopher Bamford The way of Lectio Divina, Divine Reading "To go Beyond Thought" An interview with Karen Armstrong "Conflict Resolution in Rural Tibet" James Opie A Tibetan lama’s advice to a married couple "Plato’s Cosmic Container" Bethe Hagens An ancient, universal thinking model? "The Thinking of a Man of Vision" Lord John Pentland Four virtues of a real thinker "Imagine That..." Marc Gafni Kabbalistic lessons on the power of thinking "Thinking Non-Thinking" An interview with John Daido Loori, Roshi "The Logic of the Absolute" Peter Samsel The metaphysical writings of Rene Guenon "Arguing in Mecca" G. Willow Wilson Of hairpins, haraam, and the rise of itjihad "Thinking with the Heart" Laura Simms The transformative power of story "A Conversation with Alan" An interview with an Artificial Intelligence "Essential Thought" David Schneider Thinking along the Buddhist path "We Live in a Boundless World of Thoughts" Swami Sivananda A master yogi surveys our universe of thought "The Fullness of the Void" Christian Wertenbaker A scientific approach to the mystery of consciousness WHAT DOES RABBI STEINSALTZ SAY? "Make a List" Adin Steinsaltz ARCS Thinking Makes it So TANGENT "Presence is the Teacher: The Gurdjieff Work after Gurdjieff" A review of Frank Sinclair’s Without Benefit of Clergy, by David Appelbaum, and an interview with Frank Sinclair EPICYCLES | Stories and Commentary "The Worst Poison" Jewish | Sheldon Oberman "Two Friends Arabic" | Yoel Perez "The Bull’s Eye" Jewish | Penninah Schram BOOK REVIEWS Forbidden Faith: The Gnostic Legacy from the Gospels to The Da Vinci Code Richard Smoley | reviewed by Peter Lamborn Wilson Seeing the World with a Sense of Wonder: Ideas and Activities from Science and the Arts for Children from Nine to Ninety-nine By Peter T. Kahan | reviewed by Christian Wertenbaker Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon Daniel C. Dennett | reviewed by Richard Smoley A Season in Mecca: Narrative of a Pilgrimage Abdellah Hammoudi | reviewed by Robert Doto The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov Yitzhak Buxbaum | reviewed by Arthur Kurzweil CLASSIC BOOKS IN REVIEW An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines Seyyed Hossein Nasr | reviewed by Mohammed Rustom


Parabola 31:3 - Thinking as Prayer

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