• Spring 75 - 2006 -   Psyche & Nature Part 1 of 2


Spring 75 - 2006

Psyche & Nature 1

351 pages, ISBN 1-882670-66-3 / 978-1-882670-66-6

Spring Journal heeds the growing call to explore the dimension of depth in our interactions with the environment: the locales we occupy, their features and weather, our fellow creatures (some now imperiled by failing habitats), and Anima Mundi's reaction to our doings upon the surface of the world. Because of the importance of this topic, we are issuing two Psyche and Nature issues together with a wide range of outstanding contributions from leading scholars in Jungian thought, ecopsychology, phenomenology, and other relevant disciplines.

Table of Contents

Psyche and Nature: Tower and Lake, Yin and Yang, Archetype and Earth Glen A. Mazis
The Unsaying of Stone in Jung's Psychology Michael Whan
The Eyes of the Background: Nature, Spirit, and Fireside Psychoanalysis Greg Mogenson
Trans-Species Psychology: Theory and Praxis G. A. Bradshaw & Mary Watkins
"My Daddy Was My Hero:" Steve Irwin, the Hero Archetype, and Australian Identity Frances Gray
Art and Nature: Thoughts in and out of the Studio Margot McLean
The Soul of the Sky Noel Cobb
Temple to Gravity Meredith Sabini
Hurricanes, Lightning Bugs, and Individuation David Schoen
Cyborgian Drift: Resistance is not Futile Glen Slater
The Burial of the Soul in Technological Civilization Wolfgang Giegerich
The Death of Nature: A Psychological Reflection Marco Heleno Barreto
Nature Writing: Jung's Eco-Logic in the Conjunctio of Comedy and Tragedy Susan Rowland
JUNGIANA - News from the Philemon Foundation Stephen A. Martin
FILM REVIEW - When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, directed by Spike Lee David Barton
FILM REVIEW - "Mutually Mutating:" A Review of Grizzly Man, directed by Werner Herzog Catriona H. Miller
BOOK REVIEW - Gleanings: Essays 1982-2006 by Christine Downing Druscilla French
BOOK REVIEW - Learning From Dreams by Marion Rauscher Gallbach Anita U. Greene
BOOK REVIEW - A Most Accursed Religion: When a Trauma Becomes God by Greg Mogenson Tim Pilgrim

Spring Journal

Spring 75 - 2006 - Psyche & Nature Part 1 of 2

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