• Technology and the Soul Vol. II -   From the Nuclear Bomb to the Worldwide Web

Wolfgang Giegerich

Technology and the Soul - From the Nuclear Bomb to the Worldwide Web

Collected English Papers, Vol. II

375 pages, ISBN 1-882670-43-4 / 978-1-882670-43-7, Spring Publications

The internet, television, and the nuclear bomb have completely transformed man's relation to the world. Though regarded by many as soul-less, these technological realities are the real gods and archetypes of the soul today. This work presents a depth psychological approach to contemporary technological civilization and our relationship with it. This is the second volume of Wolfgang Giegerich's Collected English Papers and is the product of over three decades of critical reflection by one of archetypal psychology's most brilliant theorists.

Giegerich's English Papers are collected in four volumes: The Neurosis of Psychology (Vol. 1), Technology and the Soul (Vol. 2), Soul-Violence (Vol. 3), and The Soul Always Thinks (Vol. 4).

Introduction: The Object of Psychology

Part I: The Nuclear Bomb Papers

Chapter 1 Saving the Nuclear Bomb

Chapter 2 The Nuclear Bomb As A Psychological Reality

Chapter 3 The Significance of Our Nuclear Predicament

for Analytical Psychology and of Analytical Psychology for Our Nuclear Predicament

Chapter 4 The Nuclear Bomb and the Fate of God: On the First Nuclear Fission

Chapter 5 The Invention of Explosive Power and the Blueprint of the Bomb: A Chapter in the Imaginal Pre-History of our Nuclear Predicament

Chapter 6 The Rocket and the Launching Base. Or: The Leap from the Imaginal into the Outer Space Named 'Reality'

Chapter 7 The Fabrication of Time

Part II Technological Civilization and "Medial" Modernity

Chapter 8 The Burial of the Soul in Technological Civilization

Chapter 9 The Occidental Soul&s Self-Immuration in Plato's Cave

Chapter 10 The Function of Television and the Soul's Predicament

Chapter 11 The World Wide Web From the Point of View of the Soul's Logical Life

Giegerich, Wolfgang

Technology and the Soul Vol. II - From the Nuclear Bomb to the Worldwide Web

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