• Spring 60 - 1996 -   Marriages


Spring 60 - 1996


142 pages, ISBN 1-882670-09-4 / 978-1-882670-09-3, Spring Journal

Articles by James Hillman, Ginette Paris, Nor Hall and Rachel Pollack

Think you can just invite the gods into your marriage (or, for that matter leave them out?) and everything will be okay? You’re asking for trouble, the kind that will show up the moment you start wondering about your loss of freedom or whining about what ever happened to intimacy. But what do the gods of marriage even look like? We asked several people who ought to know (psychologists, therapists, mythologists, even a hairdresser) to give marriage and its myths a serious and not so serious going over. The result will surprise you, right down to the housing plans!

Spring Journal

Spring 60 - 1996 - Marriages

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