Roger Woolger

Other Lives, Other Selves

, ISBN 0-553345-95-8 / 978-0-553345-95-7, Chiron

In this fascinating and provocative new book, Dr. Roger J. Woolger, a graduate of Oxford University and a certified Jungian analyst, presents a firsthand look at the emerging psychology of reincarnation - and the dramatic power of past-life regression radically to transform and heal our lives. Other Lives, Other Selves reveals an exciting new psychotherapeutic technique that produces astoundingly beneficial emotional and physical results - whether you believe in reincarnation as a literal or a symbolic phenomenon.

Drawing on both Western science and Eastern spirituality, Dr. Woolger shows how patients have unlocked the secrets of their innermost memories - the often self-destructive cycles that are repeated life after life - to overcome the insecurity, depression, guilt, inhibition, family dysfunction and physical illness that they have inherited from their past lives. A lucid, compelling account of a revolutionary therapeutic technique, Other Lives, Other Selves offers an alternative path to self-improvement and self-enlightenment that addresses the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Woolger, Roger

Other Lives, Other Selves

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