• Jung, A Biography

Deirdre Bair

Jung, A Biography

881 pages, ISBN 0-316-07665-1 / 978-0-316-07665-4, Shambhala

National Award-winning biographer Deirdre Bair draws on new research into untapped sources to reveal the founder of analytical psychology as we haven’t seen him before. Through unprecedented access to private archives, restricted interviews, analytic diaries and early drafts of Jung’s own writings, Bair separates fact from misconception, revealing surprising discoveries, about C.G. Jung’s personal and professional life. No apologist for her subject, the author paints an engrossing very human portrait of the controversial genius. The result is an authoritative and thoroughly readable work that promises to be an important source for future discussion and debate about Jung, and about the lasting impact on how we think about ourselves and our world.

A fine, new biography which provides a very welcome basis for a further understanding of C.G. Jung and also his controversial encounters with contemporary events.
-- Joseph Henderson

Bair, Deirdre

Jung, A Biography

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