• Pilgrimage to the Rebirth (Paperback)

Erlo Van Waveren

Pilgrimage to the Rebirth

208 pages, ISBN 3-85630-571-8 / 978-3-85630-571-0, Paperback Daimon

PILGRIMAGE TO THE REBIRTH is the intimate chronicle of a soul’s metamorphosis, a story of psychic encounters between the Piscean forces of dualism and the force of the new consciousness of Aquarius. From his journals, which comprise this book, we learn that Erlo van Waveren arrived at a stratum of being both common and special to all who pursue the inner path. Pilgrimage to the Rebirth records extraordinary levels of communication with another side of his being, making it a fascinating chronicle.

"One could say that the whole world with its turmoil and misery is in an individuation process. But people don’t know it, and that’s the only difference. If they knew it, they would not be at war with each other, because whosoever has the war inside himself has no time and pleasure to fight others ..." - C.G. Jung, from a letter to the author, September 25, 1946

van Waveren, Erlo

Pilgrimage to the Rebirth (Paperback)

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