• Gravity and Levity -   The Philosophy of Paradox

Alan McGlashan

Gravity and Levity

The Philosophy of Paradox

162 pages, ISBN 3-85630-548-3 / 978-3-85630-548-2

As the title suggests, this book addresses its subjects with wit and with weight, as the author brings the latest insights of contemporary physics into the perspective of an everyday life that is shown to be full of paradox. We can only come to terms with life if we accept that there are no final answers, and that unconscious processes are just as relevant as conscious ones. Reality cannot be anything but paradoxical, and our attitude to this fact has much to do with our state of being.

«One of the most important books that has come my way for many years … He is that rare phenomenon among men, one able to detect the movement of the spirit that could rid us of a crippling sense of meaninglessness and loss of purpose.» -- Laurens van der Post

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McGlashan, Alan

Gravity and Levity - The Philosophy of Paradox

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