• Paris 1989: Dynamics in Relationship (Paperback)


Paris 1989: Dynamics in Relationship

510 pages, illustrated, ISBN 3-85630-524-6 / 978-3-85630-524-6, Paperback Daimon

The 11th International Congress for Analytical Psychology was held in Paris from August 28 through September 2, 1989. It is no surprise that the theme of "Personal and Archetypal Dynamics in the Analytical Relationship" succeeded in drawing widely varying and controversial responses. More than ever before the fifty-five contributors of papers represent Jungian groups from around the globe in every sense. However, while differences of approach are evident throughout this fascinating collection, so too is an ever more significant sense of synthesis: in the end we all share a common task.

(Edited by Mary Ann Mattoon)


Paris 1989: Dynamics in Relationship (Paperback)

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