• Imprints of the Future

George Czuczka

Imprints of the Future

112 pages, ISBN 3-85630-513-0 / 978-3-85630-513-0

"Few books address the political scene by focusing on its underlying psychodynamics, which some of us see as a major need. The author of this book does so with particularly apt attention to the future, its perils and its possibilities." - from the foreword by Ann B. Ulanov

"A solid diagnosis of the world’s present political and spiritual ills, a prescription for curing those ills based on the Jungian harmonization of the dark and the light elements in the individual psyche, and a real hope for a more nearly free and just world." - Michael Bishop, author of Close Encounters with the Deity

"A carefully crafted statement of the inevitable need for and consequences of personal spiritual evolution and growth." - Sen. Claiborne Pell, R.I.

"Czuczka’s clear and expressive style of writing, and his sound grasp of historical, theological and psychological issues... seek to bring the reader to his or her own thoughts about the issues involved." - John A. Sanford, Jungian analyst; author of The Man Who Wrestled with God

Czuczka, George

Imprints of the Future

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