• Parabola 32:3 -   Holy Earth


Parabola 32:3

Holy Earth

, ISBN 0362-1596 / 978Pb 32:3, Parabola

(Volume 32, Number 3)

A Place of Prophets David Sander
A journey into the living heart of tradition

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus Sir Isaac Newton, trans.
As above, so below

The Tree of Life
An interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai

Divine Mother Earth Briogh na Greinne
Hinduism’s path toward universal holiness

The Precepts and the Environment John Daido Loori
How to live well on this earth, from a modern Zen master

Earthly and Celestial Flowers Christopher Bamford
The divine powers of the floral world

The Within of Things Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
A radical reassessment of the realms of consciousness

Of Dogs and Men Steven J. Meyers
Hunting as a spiritual way

Environmentalism and Islam Francesca de Chatel
Ecological wisdom from the Prophet Muhammad

In the Beginning…
Creation stories from around the world

Is the Earth Conscious? Christian Wertenbaker
A neuroscientist explores the mind of planet Earth

Sacred Ground Joyce Kornblatt
Communing with aboriginal spirits

A Sentient Universe Everett Gendler
God’s covenant with all that is

The Mystery of the Earth

what does rabbi steinsaltz say?
The Whole World is Filled with Divinity Adin Steinsaltz

Out of the Compost of Pop Entertainment
Daniel Duford
A mythological hero for our times: Swamp Thing!

Sneezing Through the Cosmos
Robert Doto
An ecospiritual movement takes root

Brother Simple Christian-European | Barbara Helen Berger

Water Sound Images
Alexander Lauterwasser | reviewed by David Rothenberg

The True Dharma Eye
John Daido Loori and Kazuaki Tanahashi | reviewed by Jeff Scott

Justice and Remembrance
Reza Shah-Kazemi | reviewed by Barry McDonald

Laurel Snyder | reviewed by Erynn Sosinski



Parabola 32:3 - Holy Earth

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