• Psyche and the City

Thomas Singer

Psyche and the City

A Soul's Guide to the Modern Metropolis

420 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-03-6, Spring Journal

Does a city have a "soul"? How does the individual psyche - as long-time resident, recent arrival, or visitor - experience different cities? Each City embodies distinctive psychological qualities - in its geography and architecture, its bright lights and shadowy realms, in the deep patterns that recur throughout its history, in its global connections, and in the singular lives of ist past and current inhabitants.

This book is a collection of psychologically oriented articles about nineteen great cities of the world: Bangalore, Berlin, Cairo, Cape Town, Jerusalem, Kyoto, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal, Moscow, New Orleans, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Sydney, and Zurich. It explores each city’s unique identity in terms of such hard-to-define qualities as psyche, soul, and spirit through history, geography, and anecdotes from the authors’ personal experiences. Contributors, all Jungian analysts who live in the cities they write about, are: Murray Stein, John Beebe, Christopher Hauke, Luigi Zoja, Kusum Dhar Prabhu, Jörg Rasche, Antonio Lanfranchi, Astrid Berg, Erel Shalit, Toshio Kawai, Nancy Furlotti, Jackie Gerson, Tom Kelly, Elena Pourtova, Charlotte Mathes, Beverley Zabriskie, Viviane Thibaudier, , Gustavo Barcello, Heyong Shen, and Craig San Roque.

Singer, Thomas

Psyche and the City

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