• Spring 81 - 2009 - The Psychology of Violence

Spring 81 - 2009

The Psychology of Violence

350 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-64-2

This issue considers various types of violence (terrorism, war, intrapsychic violence, violence within families, imaginal violence, violence in literature) from the perspective of depth psychology and offers insights on addressing their effects. Some of the many questions explored include:

What psychological dynamics underlie terrorism and war?
What Greek myths help us understand intrapsychic violence and violence in families?
How can we understand a kind of violence that destroys not just the beauty of the world but our ability to experience beauty itself, when imagination is no longer possible?
Does the portrayal of violence in literature activate the hunger for violently metaphorical language and imagination, and actually lessen literal violence?
Can Native traditions and ancient rituals offer modern society insight into the struggles experienced by returning veterans, their families, and communities?
What roles do reconciliation and forgiveness play in the aftermath of violence?

Captain America and His Zealous Blast Ron Schenk
A Mythology of Bullets Glen Slater
Is Peace the Cause of Violence? Allan Guggenbuhl
Fanaticism: A Psychopolitical Analysis Lawrence R. Alschuler
War:  Some Psychological and Spiritual Underpinnings Lionel Corbett
"and death was a mist about him": Notes Toward a Homeric Poetics of Violence Brian Nowlin
Cultural Rupture: A Call to Poetic  Insurgency George McGrath Callan
Titanic Violence: Vaclav Havel  and  the Dangers of Ideological  Thinking David Barton
A Depth Psychological, "Polytheistic" Reading of Pedophilia through Greek Myth Howard G. Kaplan
Medea and Mothers Who Kill Kate Smith-Hanssen
Confronting Death Mother:  An Interview with Marion Woodman Marion Woodman & Daniela Sieff
Facing the Enemy Joanna Berry, Patrick Magee, and Mike Appleton
Beyond Forgiveness: Re-Weaving the Remains of War Hendrika de Vries
Healing a Warrior World Julie A. Sgarzi
For "a New Heaven and a New Earth": The Gospel of Judas--An Emerging Potential for World Peace? A Jungian Perspective Gottfried Heuer

Obama and Icarus:   Political Heroism, "Newspaper Mythology," and the Economic Crisis of 2008

Michael Vannoy Adams
No Country for Old Men directed by Joel and Ethan Coen Victoria C. Drake

The Return of Ulysses: A Cultural History of Homer’s Odyssey by Edith Hall

Dennis Patrick Slattery
Dark Light of the Soul by Kathyrn Wood Madden Paul W. Ashton
Listening to the Rhino: Violence and Healing in a Scientific Age by Janet O. Dallett Craig Chalquist
The Black Nightgown: The Fusional Complex and the Unlived Life by Nathan Schwartz-Salant August J. Cwik

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Spring 81 - 2009 - The Psychology of Violence

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