• The Memoir of Tina Keller-Jenny: A Lifelong Confrontation with the Psychology of C.G. Jung

Wendy Swan, Editor

The Memoir of Tina Keller-Jenny

A Lifelong Confrontation with the Psychology of C.G. Jung

208 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-85-7

Tina Keller-Jenny (1887-1985) was a Swiss physician and Jungian psychotherapist who, over the course of her long life, witnessed first-hand the development of Jungian psychology through her analyses with C. G. Jung and his closest associate, Toni Wolff. She wrote several autobiographical accounts, a compilation of which forms the basis of this fascinating and historically significant Memoir. Keller-Jenny sheds light on therapeutic techniques used in the early 20th century, such as active imagination, which she expanded to include work with the body in analysis. This approach has since become a major element in the field of dance/movement therapy and body-sensitive analysis.


Foreword, by Sonu Shamdasani

Introduction, by Wendy Swan


Chapter 1:

Childhood and Family

Chapter 2:

Introduction to Analytical Psychology and Dr. Jung

Chapter 3:

My Analysis with Dr. Jung

Chapter 4:

My Analysis with Toni Wolff

Chapter 5:

We Come to Live in Geneva, 1928-1948

Chapter 6:

I Work as a Jungian Analyst

Chapter 7:

The Opposites

Chapter 8:

Intermezzo: My Experience of One-sidedness

Chapter 9:

Meeting Mary

Chapter 10:

Crisis and Separation from Mary

Chapter 11:

Separation from Dr. Jung, Zürich, 1948

Chapter 12:

Coming to California, 1958-1971

Chapter 13:

Including the Body in my Psychological Development

Chapter 14:

Stepping Beyond Psychology

Chapter 15:

A New Orientation


Essay 1:

My Religious Development

Essay 2:

Man's Latent Powers

Essay 3:

The Radiant Message


Appendix 1:

Tina Keller-Jenny's "Letter to My Children"

Appendix 2:

C. G. Jung's Preface to Proposed English Edition of Keller-Jenny's book, L'Ame et les Nerfs

Appendix 3:

Collation of the Tina Keller-Jenny Autobiographical Texts

Swan, Wendy

The Memoir of Tina Keller-Jenny: A Lifelong Confrontation with the Psychology of C.G. Jung

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