• Montreal 2010 - Facing Multiplicity: Psyche, Nature, Culture

Montreal 2010

Facing Multiplicity: Psyche, Nature, Culture

Proceedings of the XVIIIth Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology

Edited by Pramila Bennett

240 pages in print + 1789 pages on CD with numerous color illustrations (included with book, not available separately) ISBN 978-3-85630-744-8

Jungian analysts from all over the world gathered in Montreal from August 22 to 27, 2010.

The 11 plenary presentations and the 100 break-out sessions attest to the complex dynamics and dilemmas facing the community in present-day culture.
The Pre-Congress Workshop on Movement as Active Imagination papers are also recorded.
There is a foreword by Tom Kelly with the opening address of Joe Cambray and the farewell address of Hester Solomon.

The plenary presentations are printed in this volume and a CD with all of the Congress presentations (180 altogether) and numerous illustrations can be found inside the back cover.

From the Contents:

Jacques Languirand: From Einstein’s God to the God of the Amerindians

John Hill: One Home, Many Homes: Translating Heritages of Containment

Denise Ramos: Cultural Complex and the Elaboration of Trauma from Slavery

Christian Roesler: A Revision of Jung’s Theory of Archetypes in light of Contemporary Research: Neurosciences, Genetics and Cultural Theory - A Reformulation

Margaret Wilkinson, Ruth Lanius: Working with Multiplicity. Jung, Trauma, Neurobiology and the Healing Process: a Clinical Perspective

Beverley Zabriskie: Emotion: The Essential Force in Nature, Psyche and Culture

Guy Corneau: Cancer: Facing Multiplicity within Oneself

Marta Tibaldi: Clouds in the Sky Still Allow a Glimpse of the Moon: Cancer Resilience and Creativity

Astrid Berg, Tristan Troudart, Tawiq Salman: What could be Jungian About Human Rights Work?

Bou-Yong Rhi: Like Lao Zi’s Stream of Water: Implications for Therapeutic Attitudes

Linda Carter, Jean Knox, Marcus West, Joseph McFadden: The Alchemy of Attachment: Trauma, Fragmentation and Transformation in the Analytic Relationship

Sonu Shamdasani, Nancy Furlotti, Judith Harris & John Peck: Jung after The Red Book


Montreal 2010 - Facing Multiplicity: Psyche, Nature, Culture

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