• At Home In The Language Of The Soul

Josephine Evetts-Secker

At Home In The Language Of The Soul

Exploring Jungian Discourse and Psyche’s Grammar of Transformation

270 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-36-4

Language has a primary importance in Jungian psychology and its practice. C.G. Jung saw every act of speech as a psychic event. Even the “worker” words in language, like prepositions or conjunctions, carry particular archetypal energies, working dynamically and daimonically in the conduct of transformational narrative and realizing both personal and collective purposes. This book aims to deepen our consciousness of psyche’s speech as it occurs in our professional discourses, in the psychoanalytic encounter, in dreams, fairy tales, myths, and poetry. Vividly exploring the grammar of the psyche, we are urged to constantly kindle and rekindle our engagement with language.

Praise for At Home in the Language of the Soul

A remarkable and uniquely important work, At Home in the Language of the Soul reveals the soul energies in the language that houses it. Essential reading for all those seeking psyche in/through words, Josephine Evetts-Secker gives to our language its archetypal essences, its making and poeisis. For therapists, artists, and seekers, this wonderful book diagnoses how very simple language structures form, direct, enact, and embody the living psyche. At Home in the Language of the Soul is delicately written with the passionate clarity of diamond. It is the book of life in our words; reading it is to enter the enchantments of soulful creation.

This book does for words what C. G. Jung and James Hillman did for images– discovering amazing depths in prepositions and even in grammar and syntax. It made me realize that, truly, in the beginning was the word–and in the middle and in the end. Not so much a syntax of the soul, more an assertion that syntax is soul. A serious (though deft and lucid) challenge to the primacy of image.


Chapter 1: Whence and Whither

Chapter 2: Native Rhetoric of Psyche

Chapter 3: Psyche’s Grammar - Discourse of Analytical Psychology

Chapter 4: Whither of the Dream - Foretaste of the Terminus

Chapter 5: Whither of the Fairytale - Between Once Upon a Time and Ever After

Chapter 6: Whither in Myth:

We Are All Part of It


About the Author:
Josephine Evetts-Secker is a Jungian analyst in Britain, who studied at the University of London. She is an ordained priest in the Anglican Church, and a former professor of English literature at the University of Calgary. A graduate of the Jung Institute in Zürich, she serves on the council of the London Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP) training program and lectures regularly at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAPZURICH).

Evetts-Secker, Josephine

At Home In The Language Of The Soul

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