• Copenhagen 2013 - 100 Years On: Origins, Innovations and Controversies

Copenhagen 2013

100 Years On: Origins, Innovations and Controversies

Proceedings of the 19th Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology

Edited by Emilija Kiehl

214 pages in printed book + 1320 pages on CD, ISBN 978-3-85630-755-4

The Nineteenth Triannual Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from August 18-23, 2013.

Copenhagen 2013 – 100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies was the theme, honoring the psychological transformations experienced by C.G. Jung beginning in 1913, while also reflecting upon the evolving world and Jungian Community a century later. This volume consists of all of the plenary presentations in printed form and they are joined with the daily break-out sessions and posters on the CD that is an integral part of these Proceedings (inside back cover).


Editor’s Note
Emilija Kiehl [14]

Joe Cambray [15]

Robert Wimmer [16]

Opening Address
Tom Kelly [18]

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pre-Congress Workshop: The Living, Moving Body in Analysis – Origins, Innovations and Controversies (1913-2013)
Chair, Joan Chodorow [25]

Monday, 19 August 2013

David Tresan [31]

Jung’s Quest for Aurora Consurgens
Aksel Haaning [33]

The Analytic Process as a Play of Changing Perspectives in the Analyst
Gustav Bovensiepen [48]

Monday Breakout Sessions

Dr. Jung and His Patients
Betsy Cohen [70]

Kristine Mann’s Danish Inspiration: A Jungian Pioneer’s Contribution to Jung’s Collected Works, volume 9i, as “Miss X”
Beth Darlington [79]

Diversity Matters: Exclusion, Power, Prejudice and Sexual Conformism in Analytical Psychology Today
Andrew Samuels [87]

Jung and the Wounded Healer Origin: An Update
John Merchant [101]

Group Analysis and Analytical Psychology: 100 Years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Stephan Alder [109]

Models and Methods for a Child Analytic Training: Analysis, Observation, Supervision and Theory.
Francesco Bisagni [123]

Sandplay Therapy: Origins, Controversies, and Innovations
Harriet S. Friedman & Rie Rogers Mitchell [137]

Reflections on the Long-Term Impact of Cultural Trauma on the Collective Memory and its Functions in Individual Development
Krzysztof Rutkowski & Malgorzata Kalinowska [159]

Lack of Transcendence in Post-Modernity and Sources of a Renewed Spirituality in Jungian Psychology and in Philosophy as a Way of Life
Romano Màdera [176]

Conspiracies of Immanence; Paul Tillich, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and C.G. Jung
John Dourley [185]

Neurosciences and Analytical Psychology: Challenges and Opportunities

Analytical Psychology and the Neuroscientific Challenge: A Response to Professor Carrado Sinigaglia
George B. Hogenson [194]

The Red Book – Science or Fairytale?
Henrik Okbøl [200]

Marriage of Madness and Reason: The Red Book and the Invention of Active Imagination.
Sylvester Wojtkowski [208]

On the Cultural Complex: Introductory Remarks to a 2013 IAAP Copenhagen Conference Panel
Thomas Singer [217]

The Story of an Ear: A Fairy Tale Expressing the Playful Relation between Body and Psyche.
Jacqueline Gerson [227]

The Little Mermaid – An Old Symbol and the Steps of its Transformation
Helga Thomas [234]

The Horrific World of Hänsel and Gretel: Controversies around Amputation, Survival and the Internal Saboteur
Luisa Zoppi [242]

From Jung to Neuroscience: Laboratory of the Word Art, Sounds and Music
Rosario Puglisi [249]

A Jungian Aesthetic: Art, Active Imagination, and the Creative Process
Maria Taveras [266]

A Tear in the Veil: Beauty and Shadow in the Art of Alexander McQueen
Mary Wells Barron [276]

‘Narrative Competence’ and ‘Prospective Memory’: Looking from the Past to the Future
Patrizia Peresso [284]

Refugee: I am Jewish. I am Libyan. I am Italian.
David Gerbi with Joan Chodorow [298]

The Sacred and the Profane in our Practice as Analysts
Farré, M.; González, M.; Labrada, S.; Noguera, M.T.; Pintanel, M.; Yscadar, P. [303]

Rhetoric in Psychotherapy: Discourse as Image
Pablo Raydan [311]

Erich Neumann: A Jungian Dialogical Existentialist
Tamar Kron & David Wieler [319]

Three Reference Points of Russian Soul in Jungian Interpretation
Mariya V. Lomova [332]

Social Change, Inner Transformation and Jungian Psychology
Tristan Troudart [338]

The Dynamic of Authority Images in the Context of Consequences of Collective Trauma
Gražina Gudaite [345]

Greek Tragedy: A Bridge Between Past and Future
Pasqualino Ancona [350]

Transformation and Continuity in Analytical Practice in the Era of the Internet
Davide Favero [357]

The Meeting of Two Rivers: Analytical Psychology and Mystical Islam
Steven Nouriani [366]

The Centrality of the Aesthetic Impulse to the Analytic Process
Mark Winborn [382]

Weaving the Threads of Danish History: Cultural Complexes and the new Tapestries for the Queen
Susanne Eberhard Peterson [391]

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Robert Wimmer [411]


How and Why We Still Read Jung: Personal and Professional Reflections
Jean Kirsch [413]

A Thank You: Some Brief Remarks and an Apology
Susan Rowland [413]

Jung Opens a Door to Another World
David Tacey [415]

Reflecting on Jung and Alchemy: A Daimonic Reading
Stanton Marlan [419]

Ambiguating Jung
Mark Saban [422]

The Double Coniunctio Tales
Pia Skogemann [427]

Tuesday Breakout Sessions

The Origin of Consciousness as Told and Reflected in early African Stories
Peter Ammann [440]

The Vas Bene Clausem
Morgan Stebbins [453]

Dreams of Totality: Where We Are When There’s Nothing at the Center
Sherry Salman [471]

When Psyche Mutters through Matter – Reflections on Somatic Countertransference
Kristina Schellinski [484]

Imagination and the Living Body
Richard Wainwright [493]

Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Ashok Bedi [502]

Time, Symbol and Complex in a Modern Culture of Consciousness
Kim Bangshøj [511]

En Route: From Active Imagination to Film Language
Chiara Tozzi [527]

Chinese Alchemy: A Historical Reflection from Perspectives of Jungian Psychology
Shaogang Yang [540]

The Historical Roots of our Analytical Identity: Jung’s Crisis of 1913 and Narcissism Revisited.
William Meredith-Owen [548]

Psychological Typology, Individuation, and Leadership
Robert R. Klein & Tuula Haukioja [563]

Catharsis and Transformation: Cleansing the Doors of Perception
Jules Cashford [577]

Sacrifice and Fertility: The Archetype of the Feminine Healer in the Mediterranean Area
Antonella Adorisio [592]

The Mediterranean Feminine and its Shadow: Clinical Experiences through the Myth.
Francesca Picone [601]

Splitting or Unification? Symptoms, Symbols and Archetypes of the Digital World
Volker Münch [609]

Internet: Unconscious – online?
Henry Gros [618]

Keeping Emptiness and Doubt in Analytical Psychology: The Experience of Analytical Action
Olivia del Castillo [630]

Quantum Physics and Psyche: A Possible Common Formula
Hans van den Hooff [638]

The Role of the Psychotherapist in a Society with Diminished Initiation Rites
Shmuel Bernstein [650]

Passage Processes
Martin Skála [659]

The Medea Complex Revisited: Reflections on Destructiveness within Mother-Son Relationships
Robert Tyminski [668]

The Anguish of the Lack of Symbol
Maria Jose Gomez Segarra [676]

Restorying the Self: Self, Story and Transiency in the Post-Modern Condition
Erel Shalit [684]

Restorying the Self: Transiency and Healing in the Post-Modern Condition
Nancy Swift Furlotti [693]

The Relativized Ego in Jungian Identity: Cracks in the Foundation
Kathryn Madden [701]

If not Now, When? Let’s Work on Climate Change
Ann Kutek [709]

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pilar Amezaga [725]

Expressive Sandwork: An Experience of Working with Colombian Vulnerable Population
Eduardo Carvallo & Eva Pattis Zoja [727]

A Policy of Dialogue
Vito Marino De Marinis [741]

From Splitting to Collaboration: Repairing the Conflict Among Associations
Gianni Nagliero [749]

Thursday, 22 August 2013

François Martin-Vallas [759]

Jung’s Understanding of Schizophrenia – Is it still Relevant in the “Era of the Brain”
Yehuda Abramovitch [762]

Panel From Copenhagen to the Consulting Room: Complementarity and Synchronicity

“The Who, What, and We of Synchronicity”
Beverley Zabriskie [775]

Psychophysical Correlations, Synchronicity and Meaning
Harald Atmanspacher [782]

Pauli and Jung in Copenhagen
Suzanne Gieser [787]

The Cultural Significance of Synchronicity for Jung and Pauli
Roderick Main [794]

Thursday Breakout Sessions

Mundus Imaginalis: Journeys Behind the Curtain of Sensory Perception
Günter Langwieler [802]

Realism, Skepticism and the Psychoid Psyche: Canvas & Curtain
Gerhard Burda [812]

Embodied Alchemy: Awakening Spirit in the Body
Tina Stromsted [821]

Origins: Beginnings and Endings
Ann Ulanov [836]

Psychoid Relations in the Transferential/Counter-Transferential Field of Personality Disorders
Giles Clark [850]

Soundless Screaming: Psychotic Anxiety and Analytic Containment
Katherine Killick [859]

Ethics and Efficacy in Jungian Practice
Frances M. Parks [867]

Evidence for the Effectiveness of Jungian Psychotherapy: A Review of Empirical Studies
Christian Roesler [876]

The Phenomenology of the Spirit in Childhood Memories – Early numinous experiences in a desacralized world
Ole Vedfelt [886]

The End of Civilization: The Cinema and the Metaphors of the Apocalypse
Liliana Liviano Wahba [902]

Jung and Levinas: War and Ethics
David H. Rosen and Frank N. McMillan III [911]

Reemergence of the Sacred Through Traumatic Darkness
Donna Cozort [921]

Boarding School Syndrome: A Hidden Trauma – Clinical Pictures
Joy Schaverien [933]

The Aesthetic and Spiritual Life of the Infant: Towards a Jungian Theory of the Origins of the Symbolic Life
Brian Feldman [946]

European Cultural Complexes
Jörg Rasche [959]

Body-Active-Imagination and Creative Meditative Dance as Innovative Therapeutic Resources in Analytical Psychology
Elisabeth Bauch Zimmermann & Marion Rauscher Gallbach [976]

Whither Analytic Identity When Aging Interferes?
Claire Allphin [981]

Jungian Psychoanalysis, Age and Individuation – a Contribution to a Theory of Analytical Relationship
Claus Braun [989]

The Eye and Language of the Group: The Uses of Effigies to Change the Collective’s Abusive Perception of Women
Pilar Montero [998]

The Voice of Transgression
Andréa Fiuza Hunt [1005]

Report and Clinical Reflections on the Research carried out by Professor Ruth Lanius and her team in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario, and Margaret Wilkinson and Dr. Judith Woodhead, with support from the IAAP academic sub-committee and Dr. Joe Cambray, the advisor to the project
Margaret A. Wilkinson & Judith Woodhead [1019]

Falling Into Language Life: A Meditation / A Deconstructive Opening Into Intersubjectivity / A Montage of Twenty-one Prefaces In Search of a Textual Body
Ronald Schenk [1033]

Finding Sisters And Brothers In Myth, Analysis And Active Imagination
Henry Abramovitch [1048]

Listen Carefully – Brothers and Sisters in our World
Lara Newton [1057]

Auspicious Site, a Symbol of the Self: Archetypal Landscape of Psychic Totality
Cheol-Joong Kang [1064]

Tuning and Focusing as the Roots of Creativity in the Analytical Process: a Jungian Perspective
Giorgio Cavallari [1079]

Migration Complex in Canada: From Symbol to Sign
Phyllis Marie Jensen [1086]

Working in an Analytic Way: Parents-Infant Psychotherapy
Chiara Rogora [1105]

Early Trauma and Formation of the Mind
Wanda Grosso [1114]

The Rogue in Chico Buarque’s Songs: An Understanding of the Brazilian Psyche from a Cultural Complex
Durval Luiz de Faria [1122]

An Innovative Training Programme
John Gosling [1135]

Friday, 23 August 2013

Caterina Vezzoli [1153]

Countertransference and Projective Counteridentification
Nadia Fina [1155]

“Heard with the Eyes”: Personal Equation and Fluid Self-State Communication in the Therapeutic Relationship
Cinzia Bressi [1161]

Moments of Embodiment
Judith Woodhead [1168]
Friday Breakout Sessions

IAAP – Whence, Where, Whither? A Panel of the Presidents
Thomas Kirsch [1182]
Verena Kast [1187]
Luigi Zoja [1191]
Murray Stein [1194]
Christian Gaillard [1199]
Hester McFarland Solomon [1204]

Psychopoeisis and Jung
Patricia Berry [1207]

Do Adult PDD Patients Dream of Papier-Mâché Sheep?
Yasuhiro Tanaka [1220]

Psyche and Matter can be Considered Virtually Identical, Jung writes to Pauli in 1953 – What are the current thoughts? A Dialogue between a Physicist and an Analyst
Anna Panepucci [1236]

Cuentos De Hadas, Arquetipos y Psicodrama Simbólico
Maria Teresa Noguera [1245]

Qué es el Psicodrama Simbólico
Irene Henche Zabala [1256]

Archetypal Images in the Dreams of Women with Cancer
Giedre Bulotiene [1264]

The Evolution of Qilin’s Image and Chinese Culture
Lijun Chang & Jianguo Feng [1272]

Shades of Red: Jung’s Technique in the Red Book and Desoille’s R.E.D. (Rêve éveillé dirigé) Method.
Laner Cassar [1285]

Kierkegaard and Modern Man in Search of a Soul
Elisabeth Kampmann [1295]

I am your Unconsciousness
Harri Virtanen [1296]

Archetypal Pairs of Opposites Behind the Drama in a Portrait of Bob Dylan
Hanne Urhøj [1297]

German Presentations

Robert Wimmer [1307]

Der analytische Prozess als Spiel wechselnder Perspektiven im Analytiker
Gustav Bovensiepen [1309]

Author Index 1324


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