• An Orphan’s Odyssey: Sacred Journeys to Renewal

Rose-Emily Rothenberg

An Orphan’s Odyssey

Sacred Journeys to Renewal

232 pages, full-color interior, ISBN 978-1-63051-195-1, Chiron Publications

In An Orphan’s Odyssey, Rose-Emily Rothenberg explores the images and symbols that appeared in the stories, myths, and dreams surrounding her travels to Africa, reconnecting her to ancestors, both human and animal, who helped her access her cultural roots. In giving voice to these, she renews her connection to the Self and to the Divine as she travels an orphan’s sacred journey.

“This is the story of a personal journey with archetypal dimensions. By going deeply inward and also traveling physically over a large continent, conversing with dream figures and imaginal personalities as well as interacting with material beings of every variety, Rose-Emily Rothenberg has created an extraordinarily colorful and meaningful life. She gives us a case study in individuation that is deeply convincing because it has been lived with extraordinary devotion and consciousness.” - Murray Stein, author of Minding the Self

“Rothenberg carefully describes her ongoing voyage of initiation and learning. She has been utterly faithful to her foundational myth of orphanhood and bodily scars, traveling to Africa to connect with tribes, ancestors, and animals. A life led with integrity and knowledge, her description of her path is indeed worthy of being read by all those who search.” - J. Marvin Spiegelman, author of The Divine Waba (Within, Among, Between, Around): A Jungian Exploration of Spiritual Paths

“Beautifully illustrated and richly imagined, An Orphan’s Odyssey weaves together the archetypal, cultural, and personal innerscapes and nature safaris of its author. As the West’s most powerful symbol of the unconscious, Africa emerges as the mother of her spiritual development. This soul work will appeal to Jungians, psychotherapists, spiritual seekers, and readers of Africa travel writing. It is a joy to read.” - Blake Burleson, Baylor University, author of Jung in Africa

Rose-Emily Rothenberg, MA, is in private practice in Pacific Palisades, California, and teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. She has been a Jungian analyst for over thirty-five years. Her special interests, on which she has lectured nationally and internationally, are the orphan archetype and the relationship between disease and the psyche. She is the author of The Jewel in the Wound: How the Body Expresses the Needs of the Psyche and Offers a Path to Transformation (Chiron).

Rothenberg, Rose-Emily

An Orphan’s Odyssey: Sacred Journeys to Renewal

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