• The Psychoid, Soul and Psyche: Piercing Space-Time Barriers

Ann Ulanov

The Psychoid, Soul and Psyche: Piercing Space-Time Barriers

128 pages, ISBN 978-3-85630-768-4

This book offers a collection of many new ideas: connection with the psychoid processes of the unconscious is a source of healing, especially in relation to trauma; fresh interpretation of the bedevilling flashbacks of trauma; addition of an alternative interpenetrating matrix to the container model of healing; sum of the insights of Nicholas of Cusa and their implications for Jung’s complex around freedom and relation to the Divine. 


1. The Psychoid, Psyche and Soul: Piercing Space-Time Barriers

   Psyche and Soul

   Inaugural Images

   Two Sources of Healing

2. Psychoid Quality of the Unconscious, A Third Source of Healing

   The Psychoid Quality of the Unconscious

   The Psychoid Field

   Other Theorists, Mystics

   Healing Potential of the Psychoid Field



   Meaning and Its Paradox

   The Ubiquity and the Aura of the Psychoid

3. Examples of Psychoid Quality of Unconscious

   Example 1: Murder

   Example 2: Violence

   Example 3: Psychoid Experience in Social Life

   Example 4: Psychoid Experience in Everyday Life

   Example 5: A Man’s Experience

4. Mending Trauma



   The First Witness

   The Second Witness

   Meaning Matters


5. Dread of Transition, and an Additional Matrix

   Another Transition

   Matrix as Container

   An Additional Matrix

   Benefits and Limits of the Container Image, and of the Interpenetrating Matrix

   The Unconscious Psyche, and the Soul, as Additional Matrices

   Back to Murder

   The Psychoid and the Matrix

   The Uncontainable

   A Leap Perhaps?

   Something More

   Images of Something More, East and West

   Meaning Once Again


6. Spiritual Elements in Clinical Work

   Something More (Again)

   Tracking the Tiger

   Dead Parts


   The Really Bad

   Scraps Again

   Modes of Consciousness

   Inaugural Images (Again), Psychoanalytic Theories and God-Images

   The Psychoid

7. Excursus: Coincidence of Opposites – Nicholas of Cusa and C. G. Jung

   Jung’s Style


   Coincidence of Opposites

   Five Parallels Between Jung and Nicholas of Cusa

   Implications of Nicholas’ Notion of Godself in Us for Jung’s Notion of Self

   Implications of Nicholas’ God-Image for Jung’s Complex

   References 110

Ulanov, Ann Belford

The Psychoid, Soul and Psyche: Piercing Space-Time Barriers

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