• Turbulent Times, Creative Minds: Erich Neumann and C.G. Jung in Relationship

Erel Shalit & Murray Stein Eds.

Turbulent Times, Creative Minds: Erich Neumann and C.G. Jung in Relationship

470 pages, ISBN 9781630513627, Chiron

This volume of essays by well-known Jungian analysts and scholars provides the most comprehensive comparison to date between the works of C.G. Jung and Erich Neumann. Reflections are based on their extensive correspondence recently published, their differing cultural backgrounds, and the turbulent times surrounding their personal and professional relationship. Among the many specific subjects discussed are Jung and Neumann on art and religion, their views on the problem of evil, and clinical aspects of Neumann’s work. Also included are personal memories of both Jung and Neumann family members.

Erel Shalit, PhD, is a Jungian psychoanalyst in Tel Aviv. He is a training and supervising analyst and past president of the Israel Society of Analytical Psychology. He is founder and past director of the Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy Program at Bar Ilan University and past director of the Shamai Davidson Community Mental Health Clinic. He is the author of several books, including The Cycle of Life: Themes and Tales of the Journey, Requiem: A Tale of Exile and Return, Enemy, Cripple, and Beggar, The Complex: Paths of Transformation from Archetype to Ego, and co-edited, with Nancy Furlotti, The Dream and its Amplification. He has edited and introduced Jacob and Esau: On the Collective Symbolism of the Brother Motif by Erich Neumann.

Murray Stein, PhD, Jungian analyst, is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich (1973) and of Yale University (1965), Yale Divinity School (1969), and the University of Chicago (1985). He is a founding member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts. He was president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) from 2001 to 2004 and president of the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich from 2008 to 2012. He has lectured internationally and is the author of In Midlife, Jung's Map of the Soul, Minding the Self, and Soul: Retrieval and Treatment as well as numerous articles on analytical psychology and Jungian psychoanalysis. He lives in Switzerland, where he has a private practice and is a training and supervising analyst with ISAPZurich.

Shalit, Erel & Stein, Murray

Turbulent Times, Creative Minds: Erich Neumann and C.G. Jung in Relationship

  • ISBN: 9781630513627
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