• A Testament to  the Wilderness (Paperback)

C.A. Meier

A Testament to the Wilderness

142 pages, ISBN 3-85630-503-3 / 978-3-85630-503-1, Paperback Daimon

In 1983, Swiss psychiatrist C.A. Meier delivered a fascinating paper at the 3rd World Wilderness Congress in Inverness, Scotland. "Wilderness and the Search for the Soul of Modern Man" addressed not only the tragedy of our vanishing natural wilderness and the need to preserve it, but also the necessity of preserving man’s ’inner wilderness.’ A Testament to the Wilderness consists of Meier’s original address and thoughtful and provocative responses by nine concerned writers from around the world. (Laurens van der Post, Henderson, Wheelwright ...)

Meier, C.A.

A Testament to the Wilderness (Paperback)

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