• C.G. Jung in the Humanities

Susan Rowland

C.G. Jung in the Humanities

Taking the Soul's Path

190 pages, ISBN 978-1-935528-02-9, Spring Journal

C. G. Jung in the Humanities offers for the first time a comprehensive analysis of the significance of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung's work to the humanities. By penetrating the secrets of the creative psyche and exploring how the individual fits into the social and psychological collective, Jung s work offers valuable contributions to cultural theory, literature, film and the arts, history, mythology, gender, politics, religious studies and even to the complex areas where the humanities and sciences border one another. As a writer of myth, alchemy, symbolism, narrative and poetics as well as on them, Jung proves a forerunner of the new holism reflected in complexity theory and emergence theory, and offers the promise of reconciling the sciences with the arts, of man with nature.

Susan Rowland is professor of English and post-Jungian studies at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. Her work has concentrated on developing Jungian thought for literary theory, gender, and criticism. Her recent books include, Jung as a Writer (Routledge, 2005) and Jung: A Feminist Revision (Polity, 2002). She is the editor of Psyche and the Arts (Routledge, 2008). She has also written a book on British women mystery writers, and articles on myth as the deep form of that genre.

Rowland, Susan

C.G. Jung in the Humanities

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