• The Savage and Beautiful Country

Alan McGlashan

The Savage and Beautiful Country

228 pages, second edition, ISBN 3-85630-517-3 / 978-3-85630-517-8

Alan McGlashan presents a sensitive view of the modern world and of time, of our memories and forgetfulness, joys and sorrows. He takes the reader on a safari into regions that are strange and yet familiar - into the savage and beautiful country of the mind. No "cures" are offered, but we are provoked to reflect on our roles and attitudes in the contemporary world jungle.

Alan McGlashan conveys a poetic vision which has more to do with life as it can be lived than all the experiments of the laboratory psychologist or the dialectic of the professional philosopher. - The Times Literary Supplement

A highly provocative work, filled with astonishing and exciting insights about the less rational aspects of man, but communicated to the intelligent layman in an engagingly informal manner. - Library Journal

McGlashan, Alan

The Savage and Beautiful Country

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